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    Xbox Game Site Hosting / 100mb / 2gb

    Hi, I have some space left and thought to give it away to someone. If you have / want to start a site about a xbox game or xbox game series, I can give you a free host. The package includes: 100 MB of space 2 GB of bandwidth PHP FTP upload The domain will look like...
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    Hi, i've made a new site, and i hope you can give me any comments on it. So, what do you think i can improve on it? the URL is http://www.crystalcore.nl/~fablex
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    Need Hosting

    go to the right forum.... but i dont know any asp host...
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    Fr33Space.com - Free Web Space Directory

    put on the info pages if posting on a forum is required, or if it is instant activation or not. nice site.
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    I need a good host

    he said try it, and that he didn't knew for sure. but anyway, go to clubhust.us
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    Somehing to host a forum

    thats because they have to activate your ftp manually. So it takes two or three days before its activated
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    Somehing to host a forum

    try dhost : http://www.dhost.info , would be enough space or clubhost : http://www.clubhost.us , you gotta sign up for the forum i thought, but no posting is required
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    My blog

    hmmm, i should use another font
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    My own little website...

    strange, got mine the next day... ehm... yeh, clubhost.us ?
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    My own little website...

    hmmm, what about http://www.dhost.tk/ ? they offer mysql, php and 300gb bandwitdh... only you'll have to make the webspace 100mb your domain will be http://dhost.info/username
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    My own little website...

    hmmm, check q6.net . they offer many stuff, i'm not sure about mysql however
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    100MBIT server for gameserver

    i dont think you will find one, go pay for it.... http://www.gameserverhost.nl ? thats were i have my cod server...
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    North Realm (new site)

    hmm. put some link-buttons in it instead of the testlinks
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    my site

    looks good, i like the top-banner :D
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    Most Significant Computer Game

    where's Halo ?
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    100MB space,2gb bandwitch WITH FTP

    check the hosting offer forum, im sure someone has this
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    Need 100+ MB 2+GB Bandwith cPanel SQL Instant activation

    you use a free mail server i guess... mail them...
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    I need a free ASP.NET hosting?

    yeh, use php, lot more ease to find a host for that. btw, your on the wrong forum
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    Need 100+ MB 2+GB Bandwith cPanel SQL Instant activation

    check http://www.dhost.info its ad-free, has 100mb and thought 30gb bandwidth... dont know if it allows zips and rar files..