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    Cloud Hosting!

    Cloud Hosting guarantees storage of data at different cloud servers. So all the eggs are in different baskets. This reduces the risk of data loss due to disaster. Also, as it is a Cloud storage, there is an extra layer of security added to it that protects our data. All in all Cloud hosting acts...
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    Adobe acquires Magento

    Perhaps unsurprisingly, I expect the biggest impact of this acquisition to be on current Magento customers, in particular, the smaller to mid-size companies that make up the bulk of the roughly 200,000 sites running Magento. For when it comes to the enterprise, Adobe is not known as a bargain...
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    Increasing Organic Traffic

    Building Backlinks through forum postings; Guest Reviews and Guest Blogging solves most of the Question/Problem.
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    Disadvantages of Cloud Computing :

    I believe the Pros outweigh the Cons exponentially. All the things you said about Cloud are applicable to non-cloud computing as well.
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    About Managed Hosting

    I'd go with managed hosting. As I am not a technical person to deal with setting up a server software, So I'd choose Managed hosting. Also how is anyone supposed to know which server software to choose and how to upload to server? And whether the RAM bee used appropriately or not?
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    The difference between SSD and HDD on server.

    SSDs are faster than HDDs and take up less space. While HDDs are cheaper compared to SSDs. HDDs have moving parts, but SSDs don't have moving parts. Regards.
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    Difference between Desktop and Laptop

    Laptop is better than desktop as it is portable. Go lappy.
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    What would be the best Cloud Hosting ?

    I believe Digital Ocean would give you nice service, as i've been their customer. They fulfilled the promise of nearly 100% uptime. And my queries were answered within 15 minutes of posting them. Regards.
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    The difference between SSD and HDD on server.

    SSDs are better than HDDs when it comes to speed of read and write. But, they're expensive too. On the other hand, HDDs provide more storage facility in less cost. One can use SSDs for booting into the OS. And HDDs for storing files. Regards.
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    How To Select A Good Domain For Business?

    First define the Vision of your business. Look at the Domain names of your competitors. Find what are the adjectives they target in their domain names. Find a catchy adjective/adverb to define the vision of your business. Use it in your Domain name. Peace.
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    Do you host more than one SSL site on a single IP?

    Yes you can host more than one SSL site on a Single IP. There are no provisions to stop you from doing that. Peace.
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    Best Email Service ?

    Try Protonmail. it is an encrypted email provider. It provides 5 GB of Disk Space free; bundled with the account. And it Doesn't alove anyone to spy on your conversations. Regards.
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    Most important factor in a Host?

    The factors for choosing a web hosting are :- 1. The Hardware resources used by the host. 2. The years of experience the host has in the business. 3. The provision of SSL Certificate. 4. The average Uptime time. 5. The default security protocol used 6. And most important : The support service...