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  1. R4g1ng

    300 MB Space, 10GB Bandwidth , Cpanel, Subdomain or Domain, Instant activation.

    On the 100% uptime thing, you should say something like "so far" because you can't guarantee 100% uptime all the time. But the plans look good.
  2. R4g1ng

    Looking to hire staff at HostNeo

    I'm interested. I have a bit of experience with free hosting and forums, I've been here long enough to :) I'll be able to talk to you this weekend.
  3. R4g1ng

    What do you use?

    Nope ><" I really do need to get Opera but I've been too lazy lately.
  4. R4g1ng

    I need a host for my file hosting site

    Umm...running a file host off a free host? You aren't going to get it. It sucks up space and bandwidth like crazy and you can't always be sure what's uploaded. Earn money and get a server, that's the only way I can think of. That, or run ot on your own computer.
  5. R4g1ng

    Needed free host...

    What are these music and video files you want to host?
  6. R4g1ng

    php if statement help

    I don't think that was necessary. One of the most basic rules of PHP is to have a semi-colon at the end of things, with some exceptions. If he just started learning, he might've not known that.
  7. R4g1ng

    What do you use?

    EditPad Lite and Photoshop, Firefox and IE to test how it looks.
  8. R4g1ng

    Please help with MySQL and PHP

    The BBCode PHP tags [ PHP][ /PHP]
  9. R4g1ng

    Passing Browser Inspection -- Please Help

    Be careful of spaces in your coding. They could be displayed as spaces. Don't miss any quotes or closing tags. Be as neat as you can.
  10. R4g1ng

    Please help with MySQL and PHP

    Please use the PHP tags ><" Makes it so hard to read.
  11. R4g1ng

    php if statement help

    ^ Or cookie/session setting
  12. R4g1ng

    php if statement help

    No, it shouldn't. You don't have a semi-colon with functions that have {} like while, if, else etc. Only what's inside the {}
  13. R4g1ng

    Add Rotation For Phpbb

    http://www.daydreamgraphics.com/d/tutorial/list/220/2 A tutorial I wrote for a randomizing script. You might need to put it in an iframe instead of using the PHP include.
  14. R4g1ng


    Why change it to a 2? Sorry, I just don't see the point. XD
  15. R4g1ng

    Grunge, Boobies & Politics

    Which is why there's an edit button... At least it doesn't make me go blind. The page is way too long, limit the amount of posts. It's an okay design, easy to follow.
  16. R4g1ng

    Who do i get reputation ponits?

    I could give you a minus point for triple posting...edit button's not just there to look pretty. Too bad it's disabled. You get points deducted if people think you should. If you go to your CP, there should've been a reason.
  17. R4g1ng

    Meet Mr. Blob - It's finally here.

    This design was meant to be up ages ago but I'm just slow. There are probably bugs and things I need to improve so feel free to point out what. I need suggestions on colours as well. http://s-memories.net Thanks for taking your time to go through it if you do. I know there's not much but I'm...
  18. R4g1ng


    <meta http-equiv='refresh' content='0;url=http://example.com'> I use plain old that if header redirection doesn't work. And you don't need it in the head tags.
  19. R4g1ng


    This forum is to talk about hosting or request for hosting. Not offers.
  20. R4g1ng


    Request is bolded for a reason. Wrong forum.