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  1. iLucas

    ComfyHost (utcrazy) - AVOID IF YOU CAN

    Isn't that the point, is that they haven't replied to him at all? More than likely, Mark will come back saying they've investigated, the issue is now resolved, and they've taken action against the technician that was assigned to this trouble ticket. I believe, that is what Mark has said in the...
  2. iLucas

    Cal Team needs Webhosting

    Squad-Host.com, I've actually just started hosting specifically for gaming. The new site is GenGamer.com. I'd like to offer you our Beginner package, which is 250 MB's webspace with 5 GB's bandwidth, in exchange for a link back on each page of your site. However, we do offer cPanel w/...
  3. iLucas

    SmackYoMama.net -- First Month -- No Catch!

    We're offering our first month without any catch! You won't have any post requirement until May! We offer the following plans, and again, you can have any of them, and won't be required to hit the post requirement until May! ----- Basic + 250 MB's Webspace + 5 GB's Bandwidth 5x...
  4. iLucas

    Web host wanted

    rudrawadi, Are you willing to post for free hosting? - iLucas
  5. iLucas

    Just to let everyone know..Jewlzk.Com

    Roland has been up since '04. I don't know his situation now, but as well all do, we eventually move away from the dream world, and get a real job. It's very few and far between that an individual can start a hosting company, and have it support them years down the line.
  6. iLucas

    Completewebworks.com Down (Again)

    I've had service with Dan every now and again, and the time I was with him, it was very pleasant. There was no downtime that I'd noticed, and I usually view my site every couple hours or so. I will vouch that Dan only has the best service in mind. Not to mention, I've never had a complaint...
  7. iLucas

    Dedicated Hosts :)

    Grrd, Basic + 250 MB's Webspace + 5 GB's Bandwidth 5x Features No Email Addresses (+14) cPanel Fantastico 5/Request 10/Month ----- Smack 'Yo Mama! - iLucas
  8. iLucas

    Request for hosting

    by-tor2112, Are you willing to post for free hosting? - iLucas
  9. iLucas

    SmackYoMama.net -- Hosting so good, it'll make you wanna Smack 'Yo Mama!

    Why the wild name, if you're serious about hosting? It's a name, and has no negative effect on our great free service. We wanted to have fun, and it's a good way to get the party started right! How is your support? We will provide support, of that of a paid hosting company. We'll have...
  10. iLucas

    Your Views on Post2Host?

    As everyone has already stated, P2H isn't about the money. It's about being a hobby. You can make a little bit of a profit in the long run, but P2H definately isn't something that you should consider being an income.
  11. iLucas

    Username Change Request

    Thank you, Jan. It's much appreciated. :beer:
  12. iLucas

    Username Change Request

    Can you please change my name to iLucas?
  13. iLucas

    Worst Host Names

    I laughed out loud, seriously.
  14. iLucas


    Check your PM.
  15. iLucas

    Need Moderators for Forum

    Why don't you wait to get members, before needing moderators? I currently only have myself moderating my board, and it's working out fine, because I don't have many members. - Lucas
  16. iLucas


    If you have your own domain, I'll host you in exchange for a link placed in the footer of every page. I'm feeling generous, and it's a church. - Lucas
  17. iLucas

    Hosting Request

    You're giving negative reputation to a host, that is paying out of their own pocket, for giving you an offer that doesn't match your request? You, my friend, should think about what you're doing. - Lucas
  18. iLucas

    Game Host

    With those requirements, you should probably go paid. I'd expect you'll be back, if you receive an offer for your request from a free host. - Lucas
  19. iLucas

    Network Solutions-Why You Should Boycott

    Does anyone remember when you had to pay $90 upfront, for a domain? Those were the good 'ole days, where not everyone had access to a domain. Sure, the price drop has definately helped the Internet develop, but this is a new low.
  20. iLucas

    ron paul does not accept evoloution.

    MCT, I'm actually in the same boat as you currently are, however, you do need a lawyer to become a legal U.S. citizen. I don't know if this is a decent source, but MTV did a documentary, (True Life: I'm An Illegal Alien), and during an interview with the lawyer (Mexican, attempting to apply...