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  1. BananaMaster

    Looking for VPS

    Hi, I am currently looking for a VPS, my requirement are: Memory: 256mb - 512mb HDD: 10gb Bandwith: 100-200gb IP: 1 OS: CentOS I need to be able to use a small private IRC Bouncer and a small private TorrentFlux instillation on it.
  2. BananaMaster

    RIP whoever just got murked

    That happens aswell in England "ZOMG SOMEONE GOT SHOT IN THE FACE WITH A SHOTGUN!" EDIT: Thats right I am back
  3. BananaMaster

    Google Chrome

    Hello, I would just like to tell you about google's browser they have just realised (in beta atm), I have tried it and it looks good and so far it's functionality is good.... Link: http://www.google.com/chrome/
  4. BananaMaster

    Raising Some Cash - Script Installs

    Raising Some Cash - Script Installs/Script Mod's Instillation Ok, I need to make some quick cash for a new website I am setting up so I am going to be setting up scripts for around $10 (£5) Scripts I can do: PhpBB IPB vBulletin Other PHP Scripts Also if you are finding installing...
  5. BananaMaster

    Need Advertisement service with paypal

    Ok, I need a good advertisement service that will pay you monthly by PayPal, I have looked at google and I don't think they accept paypal, So I need a good service that will pay via paypal.
  6. BananaMaster

    Funny Stuff, Where is Waldo?

    holy ****, that made me jump.
  7. BananaMaster

    Do you say Soda, Pop, or Soder?

    I always call it by what the drinks called, never use a generic term like "soda"
  8. BananaMaster

    Cable vs. Internet

    Now I wish I had all old people down my street, I would just run and get cable.
  9. BananaMaster


    Woot, More than 2,800 points now.
  10. BananaMaster

    Realtek Static...

    Wait.... didn't eMachines go out of bussines?
  11. BananaMaster

    Start up problem

    A linux live cd, boot from it and then copy all the data you want to some removable drive, Done. I suggest ubuntu.
  12. BananaMaster

    OUr School Network!

    Now young one what have you learnt from that..... Yes it is to smash every snitch in the face.
  13. BananaMaster

    Awesome Translator!

  14. BananaMaster

    OUr School Network!

    That reminded me of when the techies found out my 'hidden' batch files that I used to stop the program that enables your teacher to view your computer and lock it etc. Though my from tutor told me to go to see the techies and I had IT and checked if my 'hidden' batch files where there and they...
  15. BananaMaster

    OUr School Network!

    Ahh.... messing around with the school computers/network. I used a simple php mail() function to send out emails to students which where supposedly from the headmaster to tell them to go to his office, it was funny. Ow yeah and i'm 'borrowing' all the laptops at school's and as many computers...
  16. BananaMaster


    Thats what i'm like, I've just got it running on a background process on my PC, It doesn't get any extra time as when I'm finsihed my laptop goes straight off.
  17. BananaMaster


    Hello, I've noticed that FWS hasn't got a Folding@Home group. So here is FWS teampage http://fah-web.stanford.edu/cgi-bin/main.py?qtype=teampage&teamnum=132417 . Our team number is 132417. Now lets see how much 'folding' FWS can do.
  18. BananaMaster

    Online Tech Support

    That service isn't free, as what I am hoping to set up is a free service. It will be run by volunters, etc.
  19. BananaMaster

    New Design -- VPSWow!

    If you want to know what it looks like in a load of browser, here you go: http://browsershots.org/http://www.vpswow.com/ 1 failes and 1 expired. So only 43 browsers.
  20. BananaMaster

    Online Tech Support

    Hello, I've been thinking lately to start an online tech support website. Where if you have a tech problem then you could start live chat with someone in the Tech Support chat system, so someone could ask you something like: "I need help installing a program" or "I need help removing a virus"...