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  1. Space Ghost

    About Drinks

    How high were you when you posted this? It's absolute gold!
  2. Space Ghost

    I just popped out for a cigarette

    Nope you're all wrong. I ended up buying the Denver Broncos for a nickel.
  3. Space Ghost

    I just popped out for a cigarette

    you wouldn't believe what happened!
  4. Space Ghost

    W-8.US with link shrinking website. 3 Yrs Old!

    What kind of figure are you looking for?
  5. Space Ghost

    We don't have a World Cup thread? What is this?

    spain deserved to win it. the dutch were playing ----ing atrociously, they should have been at least 3 players down by half time. the spainards just came out and scooped it, absolutely phenomenal
  6. Space Ghost

    We don't have a World Cup thread? What is this?

    im just really surprised they havent imploded yet. they are such drama queens but incredible footballers. im backing them..but the spanish man. my god.
  7. Space Ghost

    We don't have a World Cup thread? What is this?

    Being a small part dutch, im rooting for my boys on sunday.. but the spanish are a ----ing animalistic team who look for blood on the pitch. they are insanely talented. either way, i bet 5 on holland and 15 on spain.
  8. Space Ghost

    I just realized if DarkKnight were smarter, he could be the new Giancarlo

    Giancarlo was absolutely amazing. One of the finest finest mentals I've ever seen on a forum. I still try and refresh glomar.net on a daily basis hoping he's revived it and posted one of his Cuba loving rants.
  9. Space Ghost

    OMG.. I joined here in year 2004 and I still see the same people...

    I can't believe I've nearly been a member of this website for so long. It's the longest forum I've last one without getting banned / or it disappearing off the face off the earth. The glory days are dead. Giancarlo, how we miss ye. Also, you too roly. Not really. I hope you're dead.
  10. Space Ghost

    Big Brother UK Taken Over By A ROBOT!

    I want to plow that anarchist vegan reich broad so bad. She's so filthy. Plus, this robot is ----ing awesome. Big brother is still ----ing lame as hell though.
  11. Space Ghost

    Goddamn it FWS

    I had some SPAM for dinner. Seriously. It was so good. This is how I prepare it: Get some white bread, butter it a ---- load, put loads of fake cheese in there, put the SPAM in with a metric ----ton of mayo. Put it in the sandwich toaster until lightly brown. Eat with chips. ---- me, its...
  12. Space Ghost

    Goddamn it FWS

    You last visited: February 2nd, 2009 at 22:40 this place needs some "excitement" again. :idea: someone track down giancarlo!
  13. Space Ghost

    What a terrible week...

    its because you voted for mccain man
  14. Space Ghost

    Dead 'monster' in Montauk

    Jesus ----ing christ, burn that ----ing thing in a furnace and lets never talk of it again.
  15. Space Ghost

    hey tandoc

    once you go blank, you've got alzheimers
  16. Space Ghost

    heh, not cool

    Orc_dragoon is gonna try and have cyber sex your girl. Be aware! I tried out WoW at one stage, it's not bad but its that good either. Didn't play past the 10 day trial.. this ---- is too easy get sucked into.
  17. Space Ghost

    Emo and goth to be made illegal in Russia

    Weezer are the ---- and definitely shouldn't be tainted with the ----ing emo/scene/goth brush. Pinkerton is a damn classic. Fall Out Boy last made a good album in 2003.. just when I was about..uhm...15 ish.. it was a great little album which I still listen to once in a while today. All these...
  18. Space Ghost

    Jobhungry People?

    The OP such a Scot :ukflag: but that should have been Irn Bru not Lucozade. Really, does it surprise you that the police are ----ers? Fight the fine but don't start claiming your 'rights' or anything like that - just been clear, calm and consise and write a letter explaining what happened. It...
  19. Space Ghost

    I remembered my password!

    This place is nothing like it was without YUPAPA - you can talk ---- and ----- about how much you hated him but it was like a ray of ----ing sunshine with YUPAPA posting here. YUPAPA, sweet prince, come back and make this place what it was.