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  1. LockerGirl

    It's a clip

  2. LockerGirl


    oooh i wanna know the answers to those tooo!!
  3. LockerGirl

    my blog

    hey everybody. i got a blog.. its an old address ... new design though :) can you please tell me what you think. its a blog, so dont critisice it from a template makers view. www.pretty-loser.net thanks ;)
  4. LockerGirl

    Your name in Japanese

    中島 Nakashima (center of the island) 歩 Ayumi (walk, deeper meaning: walk your own way)
  5. LockerGirl

    Where do you get those

    he means the BOIKOTOI sticker :P
  6. LockerGirl

    That was Odd...

    i found a whole bundle of mice under some clothes in the corner once. when i pulled the top up they scattered everywhere :S
  7. LockerGirl

    hey, linkage

    hey havent posted in ages, and im not quite sure where the site linkage goes anymore... since its WEBDESIGN REVIEWS or something now, so here it is anyway. just some work ive done over some time. http://lover-garbage.deviantart.com
  8. LockerGirl

    Your Avatar

    mine i just was desperate for an avatar so i chose it...
  9. LockerGirl

    What are you listening to?

    the early november - i wanna hear you sad
  10. LockerGirl

    What are you listening to?

    um bright eyes - i want a lover i dont have to love .. album: ? unknown
  11. LockerGirl

    The Pope

    we dont need a president. we sorta do, so he can enforce laws... all the pope did was enforce prayers and stuff... prove me wrong. and i try not to judge people who have different beliefs to me, but it is hard when everybody who is fully churchish are totally calm.. its damn annoying
  12. LockerGirl

    The Pope

    ezforum = sucking up = roberts --- and i agree with bozley05 on this one, the pope just sat in his chair all day doing hardly anything but believe hes holy... i dont even understand why we needed a pope?
  13. LockerGirl

    STUPID question STUPID answer

    why? scared this place might actually have some fun.
  14. LockerGirl

    STUPID question STUPID answer

    all you do is ask a question, and somebody else answers it, then asks another one. make it stupid and random. ill start: you like eggs? now you answer, "answer here" then on another line, ask a stupid question for the next kid
  15. LockerGirl

    person above me

    the person above me is somebody ive never seen on the board before today
  16. LockerGirl

    person above me

    the person above me is rhianna... and yes but i heart the av he currently has
  17. LockerGirl

    person above me

    the person above me is wrong since rhianna posted at the same time as i
  18. LockerGirl

    person above me

    the person above me spelt words wrongly incorrect... very tragical
  19. LockerGirl

    voters please

    um... vote lol MILF? uh yeah