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  1. aki

    Does IPB have a free version?

    ahhh..... i found usebb forum script and it's a very OK one :) here is my modification http://vietzon.com/viettalk/ looks like......xxx? and here is http://www.usebb.net/community/ , just change the css and make some(alot) changes Cheers
  2. aki

    just begin to design website again.

    i was bored so i took my website and designed the theme again. it wasn't easy to design a website ( i am running out of ideas LOL ). http://vietzon.com cheers
  3. aki

    Looking for a fast/reliable free host

    oh please....read it again will you? i never said that you gonna sell emails, i am just saying BE CAREFUL. and of course i heard they told other "we never sell your address" but hey....when it comes to $$$ :p
  4. aki

    Looking for a fast/reliable free host

    after sign up many so call "free hosting" or has "Instant activation" i can see many spam drop in my box LOL. just be careful with stuff like that.
  5. aki

    Looking for a fast/reliable free host

    nothing is "free" :) actually, especially some requires ads and post.
  6. aki

    Does IPB have a free version?

    i use one forum software from getvanilla.com, it's very simple and good enough :) http://www.vietzon.com/forum/ phpbb has to many bugs (last month i saw many had their forum hacked)
  7. aki

    Check out my site

    the site loads abit sloooow :(
  8. aki

    the ULTAMATE Free host 25gb bandwith

    why don't we make a "Stay Away Host" topic? then ppl can come there to check if the host is good enought :)
  9. aki

    Hosting Request?for my blog

    no posting as well? i do like one too if yes :)
  10. aki

    x10hosting launches new site! 2,500MB Disk & 45 Gigs B/W + MORE!

    it was up and then it went down again hehe. what i am hating most is the databases always down when you need it.
  11. aki

    need a host for a small website

    and what can u offer AMZ :D? any left offer for me heeh
  12. aki


    hehe no rush ppl, .com cost only 8$ :)
  13. aki


    you said: "We are offering a FREE .com address" means 1 .com addy right? and now 2left ? it means no one has taken the domain,only freehosting account right?
  14. aki


    life?? how can u know if ur server stays forever?
  15. aki


    unique?? that's old from w2k LOL. i think we have many swedish websites about something like that. :biggrin2:
  16. aki

    Boot up problem

    well, i heard many ppl said about flashing bios by using win prog is not good. best way is the old way. EDIT: -------------- 1 One beep is good! Everything is A-OK, that is, if you see things on the screen. If you don't see anything, check your monitor and video card...
  17. aki

    Boot up problem

    hehe, read the manual or FAQ. what is ur mobo model ?
  18. aki

    Boot up problem

    can u flash it again? flash via DOS. download right bios file and flash as instruction. if you still can boot and enter the bios, flash it while u can.
  19. aki

    Boot up problem

    read the manual if the the 9beeps means. take out everything and leave only: cpu ram video card
  20. aki


    reinstall it