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  1. Hoth

    growing up

    I wanted free hosting without any ads... actually already had it but wanted more to list on my website about such hosts (to replace the 20% that would die each week). Since then I've grown into a bitter old man who doesn't believe in getting something for nothing, and hasn't had a successful...
  2. Hoth

    Phoenix Lander

    The rovers just scraped a few millimeters off the surface, whereas Phoenix intends to dig down a whole foot. In another thirty years of exploring the planet we may get down four or five feet. Stay tuned.
  3. Hoth

    Do you remeber your ICQ number?

    I still use ICQ via gaim, so I remember it well.
  4. Hoth

    Post Your Desktop!

    Mine: http://forums.philosophyforums.com/download.php?comid=345478&attachid=754 Would look better if KDE 3.5 didn't uglify non-focused items when using a transparent taskbar. Why keep both arms when you could get along with one? I used Firefox for years before I found Opera, but it just...
  5. Hoth

    Do you use linux?

    I found Fedora Core 3 quite hard to use as a desktop, mostly because of their policy of not pre-including anything non-OSS. It also had a lot of USB mounting issues for me, though that may be fixed by now. Anyhow I was happy to delete it. Mepis is my desktop OS, I love it for having nearly...
  6. Hoth

    Fool's day is coming

    I see Opera is starting a modeling agency.
  7. Hoth

    Why did you join FWS?

    Way back then I was running a site (now defunct) that had a page listing free hosts that didn't involve any advertising, and I was also using free hosting at the time, so this seemed a good place to keep up to date... and hope for signature link clicks, I confess.
  8. Hoth


    My mental age has gotten a little younger, I've given up the quest to find the perfectly reliable free host without ads, I sit at the computer in my apartment instead of my parents' house, and I've entered the blessed world of broadband. Other than that not much has changed. Uh... erm... I'm...
  9. Hoth

    What's your Alexa rank?

    I'm ranked 64,609 for my best-performing site. It would do a bit better if google didn't refuse to index any page from the domain... I think they're scared I'd knock them out of the 3 spot if they gave me a fair chance.
  10. Hoth

    Strike Strike Strike!

    If my city's public transit went on strike, the result would be... nothing. Nobody's ever seen their busses that theoretically go through town three or four times a day. Actually I suppose disabled people use it, as they get to call for personal service whenever they like. Anyhow, point is...
  11. Hoth

    Can somebody help me build my website?

    Especially at the moderator who moved it from general to ads & offers. Edit: And then moved it back quietly I see. ;)
  12. Hoth


    Much as I hate gendered pronouns, people dislike being called 'it' so I go by whatever a profile suggests. I did consider that there can be porn actresses who are transsexuals or hermaphrodites who might be identified as male, but decided to roll the dice. I never liked it, thought it was...
  13. Hoth


    Stories, that's what you want? Well, I'm pretty sure it wasn't me who wrote them before but I'll try to fill in... One day late in the year 2005, Toefur wanders into the General Discussion forum and exclaims "Where is everyone?! What has become of this place!" Stumbling uncomfortably around...
  14. Hoth

    Antivirus Softwares

    I use a secure operating system instead.
  15. Hoth

    Can somebody help me build my website?

    They seem serious. Still no venture capitalist yet, that probably would've worked better in '01 or so. I can write the search functionality. A few lines of PHP to do a SELECT * FROM webpages WHERE content LIKE '%search term%' query will do it, I'm sure that's all Yahoo does.
  16. Hoth

    Most AWESOME um... forum software?!

    I've been busy making the most awesome forum software. :p (Honestly, see sig.)
  17. Hoth

    Could have sworn I already did this this year

    Happy close-but-still-unbirthday, Toefur.
  18. Hoth

    FWS's Playlist

    CBS Radio Workshop - I Was the Duke
  19. Hoth


    This was something on his own forum, apparently, as there wouldn't be a aoxiang/bbs/post.php on FWS. So he should at least specify what forum software and probably go that software's support forums. (Though that kind of error often means a file wasn't fully uploaded.)
  20. Hoth

    What do you thank?

    Your Tanzanian identity oozes from your post. Moore would simply eat a huge lunch while directing his underlings to create a documentary of you being shot, with care taken to implicate the fast food restaurant you're both in for your death. Bush would simply get drunk with you in a bar as...