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    I need volunteer help on my site

    Hey, I need some volunteers to help me on my PCShopper.org website. I just need people to help with marketing, need help with posting deals, and need help moderating the forums. We are very small now, averaging about 50 uniques a day. I am looking to grow it though. There is no incentive at...
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    www.pcshopper.org My new site

    What do you think about www.pcshopper.org I used an XP theme just because it is a PC Deals site. Let me know what you think. I appreciate it. Still working on getting the whole membership thing up, but deals are going up constantly. John Stille :biggrin2:
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    My new site is finally up, PC deals website

    Ya'll should check it out. This is my newest website creation. www.pcshopper.org It is gonna be a place for pc related deals on the internet, everything from software to hardware. The problem now adays is that deal sites are way too general and hard to navigate. That is the problem...
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    Looking for java developers

    I am looking for a couple of java developer to volutneer for an OpenSource software application. It will be a pretty cool interface to apache servers. It will allow remote administration, remote configuration, etc... Please pm me, reply, or e-mail me at jcstille [at] yahoo.com
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    One more script I need to find

    I need to find a script that allows me to have a WYSIWYG html editor for 1 file. I have .hatccess setup for the directory, but just want a simple editor for non html types. Thanks.
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    Can't seem to find this software

    I am looking for this software, preferably freeware, but any ideas? I want an address book, with customizable fields, and esport to MS Word or html format.
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    If you have experience with coppermine

    Can someone please explain to me what I am doing wrong. Check out http://www3.ccm-raleigh.org/modules.php?name=coppermine You will see that if you click on a picture it goes to a blank page. Did I do something wrong? I hope this is an easy fix. The rest of the script seems to work like a champ...
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    GD support

    Guys I am having someone add GD library support to a server. Is there a good and easy to follow tutorial on how to do this? Cause I don't want them to mess it up and I don't feel like having to be online while they do it. Any good resources?
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    Another prank gone wrong

    I don't know if ya'll remember the prank I presented to you 6 months ago at my university about http://www.thadman.com/gallery/newsprank and http://www.technicianonline.com/story.php?id=009029 but once again at my university it has happened. Using the same message board as a method of...
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    Anyone have CarFax (Got a request)

    IF anyone has a CarFax unlimited subscription could you please run 1FALP45T2SF222385 and send me a pdf of the page. I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks John
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    Wireless Keyboard Opinions

    Which wireless keyboard should I use: Microsoft Basic Optical Desktop Logitech Navigator Duo (Please don't go microsoft bashing, cause their wireless desktop stuff I have used has seemed to be good) Let me know what ya'll think.
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    My week sucked

    Sorry for the vent: I was driving my great Aunt back to Chicago Illinois. I left Sat (one week ago today) thinking I would drive 2 days and have a couples days rest in Chicago Illinois. Well in Jeffersonville Indiana my car broke down. So we dropped it off at the dealership, got a rental car...
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    This is what I want in the states

    http://news.com.com/Korea%27s+KT+to+have+Earth%27s+largest+Wi-Fi+network%3F/2100-7351_3-5217060.html?tag=st_lh Now thats is nice.
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    I have now completely wasted my time

    This is a complete waste of time. Amusing for maybe 3 seconds at best. But have fun http://www.coopergriggs.com/flash/nf.html
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    Need a cms

    I need a cms where it is easily customizable, a lot of templates available. But I can have a forum, multiple administrator levels. WYSIWYG individual page editing. I also need a calendar option. If I could have two calendars running at the same time, holding different information that would...
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    Non-profit host

    I am looking for a free host for a non-profit site. I don't need much bandwith, about 20mb of space, a couple e-mails, and no ads. It is for the site ccm-raleigh.org. Right now it would be for testing a new site, but might in the future be used for the full production. Let me know what you...
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    Need anything from radio shack?

    Hey if ya'll needed anything from radioshack you should check this out. http://www.radioshack.com/images/homepage/maystore_coupon5.jpg $5 off, no minimum pusrchase (In store only). So if you need something small, it won't cost yah anything.
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    WebTracker: Free Website Statistics

    Hey, Thought I would let you know I have been working with WebDude and a new product has now been released. It is called WebTracker. You can visit WebTracker to see more about it. Just a little overview. We have a free and paid service, but either will allow you to signup for an account...
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    What operating system.

    As you might know I just got an HP netserver lh plus and I am wondering what OS to go on it. I couldn't just boot up with Windows XP, 2000, 2003, or RedHat 9, Knoppix, FreeBSD. It wouldn't go into the install. Now I haven't tried to troubleshoot at all. But here is the product page...
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    My never ending junk threads

    I just bought another thing of junk. It is HP NetServer LH plus, it contains 6 - 4.3 gig Hotswap drives, 256 MB RAM, dual pentium 166 Processors. It came with a monitor, keyboard, and mouse. Of course I had to pick it up. It is just a test machine now. But hey who knows. Now you get...