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    Looking for a domain name registrar and a few coupons.

    I don't believe namecheap has a first $0.99 year coupon, but they offer great service. I believe their whois-guard comes free for the first year if you transfer a domain name to them.
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    downtime on holidays

    Yes, there seems to be a monthly trend around the holidays and directly after the holiday. I have also noticed a trend with severe weather in certain areas - this results in higher web traffic.
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    ThE LongesT ThreaD EveR

    Wow this thread is from 2002! That's crazy!
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    cost-less way of web hosting

    Well, you are on a free hosting forum here. What is your real question? As a suggestion you should be realistic with your web hosting needs. Not everyone needs 150GB of space and unmetered bandwidth. Be careful of unlimited everything offers, because where can you buy an unlimited hard...
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    Dedicated Server Recommendations

    I would agree with Mehrdad[ regarding their suggestions. If you have any potential for abuse (DDOS) or have ----- content, hetzner is not the provider for you. They do not allow ----- content and will disable your server quickly and for an extended period of time for DDOS.
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    How do I connect an Internal SATA Hard Drive Externally through USB?

    If you place the hard drive in an enclosure that has a connector, yes. They sell external hard drives that connect through USB. Keep in mind that USB connections can be slow and it's definitely not going to be as fast as a direct connection.
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    Which hosting will be good for an e commerce website, Dedicated or VPS web Hosting?

    It depends on three main factors: 1. Website traffic 2. Code optimization 3. Server optimization (using Nginx, varnish caching, etc) It is entirely possible to only have 1 visitor on your website and your VPS becomes overloaded due to poor configuration of the script, having 1,000...
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    Best Ecommerce Website Software

    Have you thought about hosted solutions such as BigCommerce or Shopify? This way you don't really have to worry about the technical side of things, you can just focus on your products and building your business.
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    Firefox browser keep showing " proxy server not found"

    It sounds like you may have local malware redirecting your traffic. I would double check your FireFox or even IE proxy settings, as sometimes Firefox can be set to use your system default setting.
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    Hello everyone

    Hello everyone. Stumbled across this website in google. Seems to be one of the oldest free hosting forums out there. Merry Christmas early :)