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    Need Reseller Account

    do u know where i can get a ded. server and pay annualy?
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    Need Reseller Account

    I need a Reselling Account with the following: 10 or More GB space Acceptable amount of B/W CPanel 4 For my Clients SSH SSL shared certificate - with out errors Unlimited Domains (or over atleast 70) Custom Name Severs Unlimited MySQL Databases Unlimited E-Mail features (with webbased...
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    300MB Space, 10GB Bandwidth, $10

    what is website to signup, and do they support subdomains ; if so how many?
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    The page loading isnt slow it loaded in like 5 seconds for me (everything on it) and im prolly on one of the slowest 56k's youll ever see.. The site is good but if ur gonna have that many links take out iframe without the iframes it would look way better because of the page length already
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    best degree/uni for web design?

    by stuff do u mean what does the server support? cuz if not im currently making a romz site, a design site (wit a friend), and a gaming site.. as for the server it supports everything cept asp (allthough i could most likely get it)
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    News Management -- Without Perl or PHP

    if it supports perl shouldn't cgi work? :confused:
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    Code Problems

    im not exactly sure but i think it means u left something that should be in there out
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    News Posting

    Is there a way to have more than one user post news on my site without giving them site pass.. a script kinda like coranto would be excellent.. thanks for any help
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    Adobe 6

    shut up sf me and thug figured that out ur too slow =oP
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    best degree/uni for web design?

    Thats good, i aint a big fan on frames (ask SFighter86 i yell at him when he does frames unless its jus a temp site =oP) i like the graphics.. ur probably better than me all i can use is filters LaLaLa but um if u really need a host i can prolly setup u up wit like 50-100 megs on 1 of my servers...
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    3d creator

    xember try Poser 4, and i think Xaos is a 3d program too.. im not sure about websites to download from
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    best degree/uni for web design?

    Im not sure if this will sound rude or not but, can i see some of ur designs ive never really seen any that a girl has done and im interested ;)
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    Adobe 6

    Does anybody know how to make straight (thin and u can make change between colors) lines with Adobe 6 if u could tell me it would be greatly appreciated.
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    What´s the best W2000/NT hosting that you know?

    Try www.ukname.net their support is excellent and im sure that you could request ASP, they support everything else. But as for the free domain for a year try www.emeisp.com because not many host will buy u a domain. www.godaddy.com is one of the cheapest domain registrants ive seen.
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    ive got version 2.5 for plesk still have found out subdomains ill ask my host later to set 1 up for me, ive asked him to upgrade to cpanel but he said it was expensive and that he thought of it b4 i guess some hosts dont like to spend money but it helps me get my site up and server is fast and...
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    can n e body help me setup sub-domains with plesk cuz i cant find out how to when i log in i click on my domain and then i get the options if u need i will upload screen shots
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    First 3 people to order a package through subnixus.NET gets everything doubled!

    so if i was to buy plan 4 which is 500 MB of space and 10000 mb of bandwidth you would double it to 1000 mb of space and 20000 mb of bandwidth for free?
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    so if i was to buy plan 4 which is 500 MB of space and 10000 mb of bandwidth you would double it to 1000 mb of space and 20000 mb of bandwidth for free?
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    Is it jus today or does myacen usually take a long time i signed up with them hours ago and all ive gotten from them was an e-mail saying my order was recieved and programming essientals had everything set-up for me in 20 minutes
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    a fast host

    whats plesk?