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    macs r betta then windoze lol

    PC and mac can do the same exact thing graphic wise. It isn't the early 90's when mac had all the good graphic software and the pc has ----.
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    macs r betta then windoze lol

    THANK YOU!!!! macs in my opinion are just dumb, OSX is fine but the whole apple line is ridiculous. They charge double plus a little more for a computer that is completely PC arcitecure. want a mac? http://uneasysilence.com/os-x-proven-hacked-and-running-on-an-ordinary-pc/ your...
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    serveraxis.com - Anyone Used them?

    do a search for serveraxis over at webhostingtalk.com there are TONS of things on them
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    Office 2003 vs Office 2007

    07 is quite nice and the learning curve is not bad at all. Just remember to save your stuff in 03 compatible format for everyone else using 2003. The fact that they switched that is annoying oh and open office is just crappy. It's like a lot of the open source stuff. Fun for a few...
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    Review My Web Hosting Design

    it could have some potential but as of now it is just boring. Throw in some pictures and make it more lively and that will make it quite nice.
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    How to Prove Scheduled Maintenance? (Expected downtime)

    agreed. unless it is something beyond a reboot then don't bother.
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    sites look good I think, good colors and they are quite simple. As far as the christian one goes I would link to some sort of "about me" page and outline your affiliation with the christian faith and possibly things you do for the christian community. I would also add some images to the design...
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    Hey, Ive made a new site, what do you guys think of the design ?? Very different. ..

    I can see where you might be headed with it and it could be a neat idea, the only thing is that it looks pretty outdated already. Looking at your other triggersworld site it has the same feel of it. Jump on some of the new design techniques and bring the sites up to the modern day and you...
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    Again about Globat.com and other "cheapo" hosts

    well technically on your site you are overselling by "standards" 30gb space/500gb transfer is pretty steep for $9.49/mo but you know as well as I do that rarely anyone is going to touch that. As far as the control panel goes, unless you are marketing to other "web hosts" or users here it...
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    Again about Globat.com and other "cheapo" hosts

    the ones surviving are the ones overselling like crazy. They drive people so nuts here because they are the ones making the real money and not the "normal hosters" I've already posted my theory like 8 times so I'll give the short version Average website: 50-100mb space/1-2GB Traffic. keep in...
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    Bad Idea?

    ads are ok but ONLY if they are your ads (specials, promos, events, etc.) ads on a paid host are extremely tacky, as James said they will literally make you pennies a month, give up your pennies a month earnings and promote your brand instead.
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    cPanel For Microsoft Windows Server 2008 Are Looking For Beta Testers

    windows is more than just asp.net and mssql. it has also support for exchange services and cold fusion. As far as the linux ASP projects they just don't work as advertised, it is at best a crutch. As far as linux being more scalable that is also a fallacy. The database systems for linux are...
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    cPanel For Microsoft Windows Server 2008 Are Looking For Beta Testers

    who is your target audience though that is the main question when choosing a panel Is if forum users or local clients/businesses?
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    cPanel For Microsoft Windows Server 2008 Are Looking For Beta Testers

    most clients have no idea what plesk, cpanel, dotnetpanel, helm, blah blah is. All they want is their website up 100% of the time without a hitch. Currently we are using Hsphere and the argument of "I NEEEEEEED cpanel" is squashed upon first login. However if you plan to only sell to...
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    cPanel For Microsoft Windows Server 2008 Are Looking For Beta Testers

    sure windows is $30/mo extra or no extra charge depending on who you are with (softlayer.com for us) However dotnetpanel is $190 ONE TIME (250 domains) where cpanel is $25/mo dotnetpanel also includes smartermail/smarterstats/smarterticket/integrated billing windows server cost...
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    Review my design

    great looking site and I wouldn't change much of anything. It has a great feel to it and very confident looking as far as the other stuff goes. What are you guys worried about? 4 days is PLENTY of time to pay your invoices, especially when it is autobilled every month without you touching...
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    cPanel For Microsoft Windows Server 2008 Are Looking For Beta Testers

    we are actually testing windows based hosting now, and about ready to wrap it up. www.dotnetpanel.com is the one we are trying out and so far it is absolutely beautiful. I'll be 100% honest, I have never been a huge fan of linux to begin with and after getting this system up and running and...
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    Windows DreamScene

    I had it on my desktop and it didn't increase anything noticeably. cpu still hovers at about 2% usage the majority of the time and ram behaves as normal.
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    knee surgery pic

    by the looks of that scar I am guessing you had that done in tijuana, mexico from a person with a rusty knife.
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    VPS for gameserver! URGENT!!

    how big is this server going to be? a vps would not be the best choice for running game servers.