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    Reporting a User he is violating the TOS!

    Its legal in most all countrys except the USA ;)
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    Windows VS Linux

    The linux is more stabiler then windows is a load of bs, it just depends on how you deal with windows and how stable the application your running is, I have a windows server with 280 days uptime and it hasnt slowed at ALL, and it runs at 100% load 24 hours 7 days a week, tell me thats unstable.
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    Funny Flash

    Its expecially funny if your a gamer / play cs but its still funny even for the adverage internet user. http://gamehackerz.us
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    Prime example of how tech support should be

    Cox has the worst support ever, i call them for tech support, they transfer me to another department, then that department transfers me again, then that department transfers me back to the department i was at and then they disconnect me...Hurray? [No i dont have cox internet ;) luckily]
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    ThE LongesT ThreaD EveR

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    □ Picture Game

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    ThE LongesT ThreaD EveR

    <WAH|Edic> whats the legal age to buy alcoholic in the UK <TeE> you cant buy alcoholic but if you wink at one the right way they might follow you home.
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    Msnm [vs] Aim [vs] Yim

    Msn MSN Doesnt have frequent downtime, Im constantly logged in and ive only experienced about 2 times where MSN was down EVER... Yes millions of people do use MSN, i dont know where you got thousands from considering everyone i know uses msn not aim or yahoo... There USED to be a web...
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    I really hate to do this

    Im intrested Am i worthy ol' great one? [Tee Gayton - spookytee@san.rr.com]
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    Its a nice little VOIP service where you get your own phone number and call anywhere in the world and recieve calls from anywhere for free, Really great, http://stanaphone.com Discuss :biggrin2:
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    Speed test

    Laggy Yeah, its horrible, takes about 10 seconds to load and i get 10-12 kbps downloading from california.
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    What ever happened to...

    Obviously, cowax ;)
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    Stopped growing

    lol Im 12 and im 6'2 uhhh....lol :birthday:
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    Free hosting for large files / sites

    Im offering hosting for large sites and files, if you have a file / site with more then 30gb traffic a month or have a large file that needs a mirror im willing to host you please email me - spookytee@san.rr.com
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    Internet's First Free 1 Gigabyte Email Service

    I really hope google will have outgoing spam protection
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    Does my site loads ok?

    Internet Explorer 6.0 Timewarner Telecom (DS3 45 MBPS) GMT -8 (San Diego, California) Acceptable / Bad
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    need you help for a speed test

    It takes about 2 minutes to load from a DS3 (45mbps) In San Diego, California
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    Offering hosting for high traffic site

    Im offering hosting for a VERY high traffic site (40 gb+ bandwith use) Preferabily related to Gaming / Computers. If most of the bandwith is files you will not be hosted. Please email spookytee@san.rr.com if intrested.