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    Microsoft announces IE 7

    its already free and you can download it (anti spy ware)
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    Best place to get them

    Well i have a load of domain names .com's and i always buy from www.powerpipe.com they RULE! also the cheapest in the uk are http://webcentre.lycos.co.uk/ £1.99
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    registrar that support paypal

    cool thanks i was just about to ask where to get this :D
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    Best toplist script

    thanks lol
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    Best toplist script

    Hey i am proud owner of the worlds greatest toplist and im gonna start a new one :P I dont know what script to use.... www.jmbsoft.com seems to have Auto Rank Pro/Php which is what i see as the best Anyone know some kick a$$ toplist scripts? Tell me!
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    Review my sites

    I need help on the 3rd one it has to be PERFECT...
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    Pr5 To Pr6?

    thanks a bunch man :D (Anyone know any PR7 or PR7+ forums?)
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    Pr5 To Pr6?

    Can any one tell me a quick way to get from a PR 5 to PR 6? its for www.ipaqrepair.co.uk just wondering if i just the text link as a sig on forums will that count? and is there any cheats? Im willing to pay if someone can tell me how to do this QUICK! Thanks in advanced,
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    Review my sites

    IMHO? could u help me with the 3rd one?
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    Your Fav. Browser

    Firefox but now it seems that it always says page can not be displayed! then i hit refresh and it works
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    I would like to welcome Jerry as a new moderator

    wooo hoo well done :D
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    ThE LongesT ThreaD EveR

    this on the guinsess book of records? newayz AYO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hey mum im on a website!
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    Simple and easy

    You want some revenue quick? Or some hitz? A link exchange/afffilite program Add a link to your site saying iPAQ Repair that points to http://www.ipaqrepair.co.uk/ simple as a little TEXT link that must be visible When you have done this contact: xtl@xbox-info.com with the subject...
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    Review my sites

    Check them out www.xbox-info.com www.xbox-forum.net new site www.xboxtoplist.com Thanks in advanced
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    Simple Host 1MB only needed

    Eww freewebz thats newbie stuff lol im a pro hehe :P
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    Simple Host 1MB only needed

    Simple as 1MB No Banners or Ads needed for a personal website Thanks in advance I do have hosting but this is for a personal website :D
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    Very Simple Host Needed

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    Xbox-forum.net - Please Review

    This isnt actually my website i am just a person who was hired to get them alot more people on there site www.xbox-forum.net I need to know what forums you think are stupid and what things we should improve on... Thanks in advanced!
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    3 Gig Email

    Altought i have gmail www.spymac.com is offering 3 GIG email... Its pretty good... No complaints here!
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    4.5GB Space 90Gig Brandwidth free!

    Well i currenlty have a website and im trying to build a network of websites :) Of all different sorts! I currenlty have hosting which is EXTREMELY BIGGER than i would ever need on my own... My website is still in the process of being built and will open in the next week or soo... And i was...