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    MitiHost | Post2Host Unlimited Features, Premium Bandwidth, Enterprise Hardware.

    MitiHost Solutions -- Amazing Free Post2Host Shared Hosting. Hosted on premium nodes with premium bandwidth, enterprise hardware. Includes unlimited features. Welcome, MitiHost is proud to announce our new Post2Host Shared plans to the public today. We only use the best of servers loaded with...
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    FREE File Hosting w/ free FSC, MU, RS Leech + Video Streaming

    500GB lol. So if I use up 500GB of space I'm allowed, there definately is a catch OR you are just lying.
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    Adult Hosting needed

    Just get a small VPS if you need that much. You can get for ~$10 per month. Search around LowEndBox.
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    Need a adult hosting sponser : you can have ads in site

    Our datacenter allows us to host 18+ content however obviously Child Pr0n is not allowed, nor is it allowed on offshore hosting.
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    why type of school you go to?

    I go to a private school which, and every single student CAN spell. And we pay £10K / year not get it for free..
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    Hosting for a cub scout website

    I can offer 25GB BW/month and 500MB of disk, DirectAdmin and cPanel. PM me for details.
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    Request for a Host for a MIDI Site

    How much space do you require? PM me. I can provide DirectAdmin hosting for free which will last, I have a Lifetime DirectAdmin license. I also have a cPanel license but have been warning users that we may not be able to continue after next year with cPanel if I don't earn money from adverts...
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    comming soon: androidvps

    No thats not it, don't lie! 0 0 0 w e b h o s t doesn't allow parked domains and you didn't back up properly/you don't know how to backup properly.
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    ThE LongesT ThreaD EveR

    Just go learn English mate!
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    comming soon: androidvps

    I bet you are also the best in your school at English. Your school headteacher is a nutcase, (if I'm understanding you properly) if he lets you do whatever you want on his computer. Is English your mother tongue? God, you say you are in Year 11 right which means you sat a few of your English...
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    comming soon: androidvps

    mtwiscool: Why are you using 0 0 0 w e b h o s t? Why can't you create a container on your node? Oh, wait it will be even more slow! I'll test the speed for you from London ;)
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    comming soon: androidvps

    That is crap, once the DNS is cached, it doesnt make a difference.
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    comming soon: androidvps

    Of what?
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    Damn right! ;)

    Damn right! ;)
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    ThE LongesT ThreaD EveR

    *Cough* Embarrased.
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    ThE LongesT ThreaD EveR

    In English please? I seriously dont get your point.
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    comming soon: androidvps

    LOL, I don't think anyone else spells worse than you. No one says "par mouth", sounds more like Latin than English.
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    ThE LongesT ThreaD EveR

    Init! No one cares. +1
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    It's me!

    It's me!
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    need a vps spounser

    Why are you replying to me, it's not like I care. But hey.. my PC is more relible than yours. And if 0poundhosting and all of those other sites you have were not popular what makes you think this one is going to be? Why would anyone trust a webhost without a proper TLD and using free resold...