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  1. rf-harris

    What is Your Dream Country?

    Mine is New Zealand.
  2. rf-harris

    Best CMS for App based website

    Contentstack would also be a good choice.
  3. rf-harris

    Best way for making money online

    There are surely many ways to make money online and some most popular ones are affiliate marketing, blogging, YouTube, Selling stuff via social media, forex trading, crypto etc. But there is also another great way to make money online which is currently getting popular with every passing days...
  4. rf-harris

    WordPress plugins?

    I was using Yoast but few months back I have switched to Rank Math
  5. rf-harris

    do you like animated movie ??

    I do like them and my most favorite one is "Inside Out"
  6. rf-harris

    Review my travel blog

    Overall, it is pretty good. Adding some vlogs would definitely take it to another level. You may make a youtube channel and embed those videos on your blog.
  7. rf-harris

    My Text based RPG

    The only RPG which I am really interested in at the moment is Cyberpunk 2077 which is launching this November and everyone is expecting great things from this upcoming role playing game from CD Projekt Red who have already produced a really high quality RPG "The Witcher 3". Take a look at this...
  8. rf-harris

    FREE Video Capture Software

    I use bandicam, it is pretty good.
  9. rf-harris

    Best anti virus

    I was using AVAST in my windows computer but about a month back I switched to Mac and since I have spent good money on getting a Mac, I decided to protect it with a better antivirus program so I looked at the internet and found a post titled "The Best Mac Antivirus". They suggested a relatively...
  10. rf-harris

    What Social Media Automation Tools should I use?

    I use Hootsuite and it is pretty effective. You should also give it a try.
  11. rf-harris

    Best Video Game Ever

    It is not a straightforward thing to state that what is the best video game ever as with the fast developments in the industry there are lots of changes in games over the years and you can't really compare a game of 90's with a game of today. Here is a list of video games considered the best...
  12. rf-harris

    How to fix corrupted external hard drive?

    You probably have a hardware issue. I suggest you to go to an expert and let him handle it. Don't try it to fix it yourself by picking up a screwdriver which might lead you to destroy your hard drive completely.
  13. rf-harris

    Top Quality Shared Hosting with Multiple C-Class IPs at Discounted Price [30% Flat Discount]

    RankFirst Hosting provides managed and unmanaged SEO hosting solutions with data centers located in Michigan and California. SEO hosting is hosting your websites across a number of different IP ranges utilizing many different name servers and c class networks. Our team is dedicated to give you...
  14. rf-harris

    Top Quality Multiple IP Hosting at Most Affordable Price with Fantastic Features | Upto 200 IPs

    RankFirstHosting.Com offers managed and unmanaged SEO hosting services with data centers in California and Michigan. SEO hosting is hosting your websites over a number of IP ranges making use of various name servers and c class networks. By working on this you're being sure the actual...
  15. rf-harris

    High Speed Fully Managed Dedicated Servers with Top Notch Security and Latest Hardware | US Located

    Rankfirsthosting.com has surpassed all its SEO hosting competitors with an unparallel array of SEO hosting packages and hosting servers. With our dedicated servers, you will get both effectiveness and power. Making use of the largest bandwidth, Intel’s hyper threading technology and cPanel, our...
  16. rf-harris

    Top Notch VPS Hosting with Multiple C-Class IPs at Most Affordable Rate | Full Root Access

    VPS hosting at Rankfirsthosting.com will take your web business to a next level. Our VPS hosting plans are a great blend of cost and power. With further level of privacy you will also cherish full control, convenience and also scalability by going for VPS hosting. At Rankfirsthosting.com, we...
  17. rf-harris

    Top Quality High Speed Shared Web Hosting at Affordable Price with Great Features | US Datacenters

    Rankfirsthosting.com is a proven platform for ideal web hosting. We provide you with an amazing yet low priced web hosting option for your growing business. At Rankfirsthosting.com, we make it easier to get started with your business with exactly what that is necessary; a dependable and swift...
  18. rf-harris

    Top Notch C-Class IP Hosting at Affordable Price with Great Features | Upto 200 IPs | US Datacenters

    RankFirstHosting.Com offers managed & unmanaged SEO hosting solutions with data centers in Michigan and California. SEO hosting is hosting your websites in several different IP ranges making use of a variety of name servers and c-class networks. By doing so you're making sure the exact...
  19. rf-harris

    ☝ RANKFIRSTHOSTING.COM ☝ High Speed Managed Dedicated Hosting at Affordable Price [FREE Migration]

    Rankfirsthosting.com delivers you speed, stability, and protection with its first-class dedicated hosting. With our dedicated hosting plans, you get both performance and control. With the largest bandwidth, Intel’s hyper threading technology and cPanel, our dedicated hosting is just the suitable...
  20. rf-harris

    RankFirstHosting.Com ★ Custom Website Design Packages at Affordable Price ★ FREE Domain and Hosting

    RankFirstHosting.Com is the industry leader in providing first-class IT services at inexpensive price. These services mainly consist of hosting service, web design and website marketing services. We at Rankfirsthosting.com help to make your internet business be prominent from your competition by...