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  1. Joe_G

    More Free Food

    Thanks. My free snack is on the way. I would +rep but I need to spread blah blah blah. I didn't see your post about the granola bar, but I did get the cookie :D
  2. Joe_G

    What games are you playing atm?

    Playing Battlefield Heroes (online) and COD World at War.
  3. Joe_G

    What's your Occupation?

    Teacher...currently summer break :D
  4. Joe_G

    Hell's Kitchen

    Watched it last night. That Joesph guy was crazy. Why go on the show with such an attitude. Not likely to win him a job :lol:
  5. Joe_G

    FDA Will Control The Cigarette

    Just be glad you don't buy cigarettes in New Hampshire. http://www.cnbc.com/id/31920145/
  6. Joe_G

    Post your ctrl+v

  7. Joe_G

    Favorite Pizza Joint?

  8. Joe_G

    Favorite Pizza Joint?

    In my town that would be Fat Jacks pizza. Best pizza in our area by far.
  9. Joe_G

    Sexiest case ever?

    I lol'd :lol:
  10. Joe_G

    Harry Potter

    Haven't seen any of them in theater, either. Will probably wait for DVD for this one as well (although it looks good).
  11. Joe_G

    Cap'n Crunch Lawsuit

    Who knew "Crunch Berries" weren't real?!? Story Court Documents
  12. Joe_G

    Neo Socket

    You might as well throw your money in the trash...or send it my way.
  13. Joe_G

    Crazy Gymnast

    Very cool. The jump at 1:19 was awesome.
  14. Joe_G

    Steam Games

    Left 4 Dead and COD WaW are great. I also have UT3 but got bored of it quickly.
  15. Joe_G

    Fat Orange Ball

    I guess the picture you showed was different than the one we used for class. The one we used was taken on Tuesday, May 12. And by last week I meant this past week of school. :wink2: Edit: The picture you posted wasn't taken 2 days ago, only made available on the Astronomy Picture of the...
  16. Joe_G

    Internet Speed

    My ISP increased my download speed, but upload is still slow.
  17. Joe_G

    Fat Orange Ball

    Very cool picture. I shared that with my Science class last week during a discussion of space.
  18. Joe_G

    Review new logo! :)

    I love that logo. Nice colors and eye catching. Nicely done. :thumbsup
  19. Joe_G

    New logo & design

    Solved the issue for me. Looks better than before, in my opinion. :biggrin2:
  20. Joe_G

    New logo & design

    Looks very nice. This is the only negative I have.