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  1. echo_unlimited

    no------ it was definitely this username. Anyways, it doesn't matter!

    no------ it was definitely this username. Anyways, it doesn't matter!
  2. echo_unlimited

    Google Data Studio - Export By Day Report

    Hello All! Not quite an advertisement, but more of a heads-up of utilising Google's Marketing Platform product called Google Data Studio, which is a free to use data visualisation platform. If you're an active user of Google Search Console, then recently you'll have found (around the 13th of...
  3. echo_unlimited

    What happened to all of my posts? :( Been here since 2006, and fairly certain I had way more...

    What happened to all of my posts? :( Been here since 2006, and fairly certain I had way more posts than what's showing. Granted, I haven't logged in in a very long while.
  4. echo_unlimited

    Increasing Organic Traffic

    Create interesting stuff that no one else has and then find the right place to promote those pages. If they pick up, then people will share and link to them and you'll boost your chances of ranking in Google search. Obviously there are other elements, such as: 1. Having a technically sound...
  5. echo_unlimited

    Free Hosting Forever

    What happens when the owners die, will the host die aswell :(
  6. echo_unlimited

    need list of ip bans

    :confused4 Thats a bit harsh. :confused4
  7. echo_unlimited

    Domain sponsor?

    Ok then, if you put my google adsense banner up IL get you your domain. What domain do you want .com .net .org etc.. Also YOURNAMEHERE.com If you already have a site, may I see it?
  8. echo_unlimited

    Affordable HOSTING!!

    On that offer when I click on your site, its 7.95 USD, but on here its 7.95 Pound Sterling. Using a Currency coverter on exchange rates of USD to the Pound its: 4.55898 About 4 pounds some thing, because the Sterling is more powerful than the dollar, so you'll recieve the 7.95 USD...
  9. echo_unlimited

    Google Ads - CPM vs. CPC?

    I know where I can get thousands of Impressions, what programme does CPM, sorry for butting into your thread Shrekonline :(
  10. echo_unlimited

    i want to start my own hosting company!

    Rajhosting.com said they terminated that dudes account because he put childs internet porn on the host. Anyways masta I doubt you even have the resource to do all that.
  11. echo_unlimited

    i want to start my own hosting company!

    Is that just one plan? or a shared hosting thing?
  12. echo_unlimited

    i want to start my own hosting company!

    What if you're at work whos going to watch the host? :P
  13. echo_unlimited

    If you wanted to be anything, what would it be??

    I would like to be in heaven, and run my own 'unlimited' hosting YES YOU GOT THAT UNLIMITED HOSTING, and it could come down to earth some how, and I could offer 100% UPTIME and yeah do good for people looking for hosting. :P :P :P I wouldn't mind being an eagle though :-)
  14. echo_unlimited

    Rajhosting.com hosting?

    Umm, Hi, I am new to hosting, but this host looks cheap: http://www.freosta.com Does any one recomend me going with them? And look how cheap their reseller account is: http://www.freosta.com/reseller.html I am thinking of going with their F-Business plan. I really need this much of...
  15. echo_unlimited


    Ok thats cool, how much SQL space do you give? SQL webspace. :cool2:
  16. echo_unlimited

    I havent any money to buy a domain. HELP ME by "Iesus principe"

    If I we're you I'd get yahoo as a mail recieving contact, yahoo mail is much quicker where msn mail is slower to to get into, but msn is much better with their Instant Messanging, rather than yahoo.
  17. echo_unlimited

    ¤ Free with ads :O ¤

    Why would you want that? o.O I can offer a .com domain for free if you put my google adsense banner on your site forum, thats dependant on how many hits you get.
  18. echo_unlimited

    Needing cheap hosting

    nice plan you have their dude, can you translate the dollars into pounds sterling please? :-)
  19. echo_unlimited

    Needing cheap hosting

    Yes I will have a vBulletin License. And I need to now how fast the loading speed is. :wink2:
  20. echo_unlimited

    Needing cheap hosting

    Also if your going to show your hosts to me can you mention the speed? Sorry for not asking this in the first place. Also will you host a vBulletin board?