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  1. Canuckkev

    OMG.. I joined here in year 2004 and I still see the same people...

    I kind of tried to find another thread to post in. But...they were all crap. Here are some smilies: :santa15::ninja::stfucolin
  2. Canuckkev

    OMG.. I joined here in year 2004 and I still see the same people...

    My only regret is that I lurked the vB forum for a while before joining. Otherwise, I could also claim the illustrious Oct 2000 badge. Will there be a 10 year party in October? Can I still come?
  3. Canuckkev

    Goddamn it FWS, I present you lady drama

    In my experience, girls don't even know what a guy could do to pick HERSELF up, So relying on them for advice on how to pick another girl up is useless.
  4. Canuckkev

    Goddamn it FWS, I present you lady drama

    Send girl B my way. I'll say this...look out for number one. You don't want to hurt girl B, but you've gotta do what's best for you first. Because, well, that's what everyone else does.
  5. Canuckkev

    Do you say Soda, Pop, or Soder?

    A non-carbonated non-alcoholic drink is either "juice" or "water".
  6. Canuckkev

    Do you say Soda, Pop, or Soder?

    The term "pop" is generally used in Canada. But if I say "soft drink", everyone understands that term, right?
  7. Canuckkev

    How close is FWS?

    I fear the day when I run into BV some day in this city. Because, if I recognized him (from various avatars, MSN pics), it would awkward to explain who I am and why I recognize him. "Hi, I'm from the INTERNET!" I don't think I've ever met anyone in "real life" after acquainting myself with...
  8. Canuckkev

    Prince Caspian

    The first Narnia movie was on TV the other day. It was pretty poor. A little...cliche, and lame. I thought the chick was cute, you know, in the "I'm British, so looking average means attractive" kind of way.
  9. Canuckkev

    I need better friends.

    I went for a beer on Monday. Then when dropping my buddy off, I was followed/chased by a gang. So if gangs are out on weeknights, there is is no reason why you shouldn't be.
  10. Canuckkev

    The Supernatural - Truth or Myth?

    There is no such thing as supernatural phenomena. If it is real, and it is happening, it is natural.
  11. Canuckkev

    What is your dream business?

    Mini-golf resort. Four themed courses with extravagant decorations. T The underwater course. Surrounded by tanks of frickin sharks and whatnot. Some fake coral. Sting rays! Jungle course. Have like...monkeys swinging around and ----. Desert/Egyptian theme. Half the holes are inside...
  12. Canuckkev

    Use backslash on basic rewrite?

    I've always had trouble with mod_rewrite. I can never figure it out, but sometimes it behaves differently on different hosts. Also, just a note, those are slashes, not backslashes. I believe the first example you have provided is more correct, at least according to the examples provides here...
  13. Canuckkev


    Even someone such as myself, who is very reserved and double-thinks every thing he does, can make mistakes when drunk. Just keep the drunken musings with strangers (such as online strangers), and you're gold. No matter how convincing your drunk conscious is, keep your drunk mouth shut around...
  14. Canuckkev

    Tips on improving the speed of a computer

    It is terrible software. That is definitely slowing your computer down. At the very least, turn off the "real time scanning". If you depend on that to stop you from getting infected, you are already screwed. Download a suspicious file? Right-click, scan. Then run it. No need for the...
  15. Canuckkev

    What do you do when you find naked pics of your buddy's girlfriend

    I was expecting buddy to come back and say "So, it's Shelagh's birthday in a few weeks. Any idea what your sister would want?"
  16. Canuckkev

    Should Microsoft learn from Linux ??

    You are also providing talented developers the opportunity to look through the source code and identify potential exploits. And because it is open source, these developers can create their own fixes and share them with the community. This is an important tenet of open source development. Many...
  17. Canuckkev

    I want to go drinking with Nick and Gayowulf

    Is it ever a bad time when you're drinking? Also, ----ing BSD. One week. I didn't go last year cause I was working. But 2 years ago was pretty much the best day of my life. (BSD=outdoor drinking party at the University)
  18. Canuckkev

    Ben's got a situation

    No, completely disagree. If the answer is no, say "no", not "maybe, but not now".
  19. Canuckkev

    Ben's got a situation

    I'd say don't be a woman and say "I just don't know right now, I'm confused" etc. If you aren't interested, and you aren't. Tell her, "I'm sorry, it wasn't my intention to lead you on. I really like having you as a friend, and I'm flattered, but I'm not interested in pursuing a relationship."...
  20. Canuckkev

    Theist, Agnostic, Atheist..

    Atheists, often, can be assholes. So I don't like that term. I suppose Agnostic is more applicable.