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    Peo! Hello old friend, we certainly had some wild rides before, I miss the golden age days of hosting. It's such a shame to see many of the old forums a shell of their former selves.
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    Hello community. I'm a bit of an oldie here, just wondering if there are any other oldies floating around, and if so, hello!
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    Hey, Its been a few years... how is everyone?
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    I'm a bit late to the party here... Hai guys!
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    Hey I'm sober now

    Oh wow.. Ben... Thanks for sharing, and bloody brilliant your now clean and sober. Here's to the future mate!
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    One time fee for more ads

    Hehe :) Nice Had I have known about this 2 years ago, I'd have been paying for the last 2 years :D
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    One time fee for more ads

    How long does it take to update the status to "Premium Member"? I was expecting it to work immediately :D
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    Who remembers the old days?

    BEN! Hai!
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    Who remembers the old days?

    I remember you Tracker ;) Been awhile since I visited, but I pop by every now and again, certainly remember the good old days, when this forum was pretty much 50% of my day/life!
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    Is free hosting dying?

    Considering when I started in Free Hosting, it was almost impossible to fail.. Considering what it was, it's almost dead.. I remember the good old days. A community I ran way back reached ~1000 members in the space of 3 months, with around 2000-3000 posts per day. Forum sponsors were lining up...
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    xenForo it is!

    Peo, can I make one suggestion. The "FreeWebSpace" logo at the top of the forums links to the homepage - it's always catching me out! Would it be possible to link it to the forum index instead? :)
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    Anyone tried Amazon cloud hosting?

    I've tried Azure and Amazon, both for work, and what we found was although the bandwidth was expensive, it was actually pretty terrible! Random / extended slow periods, anywhere from 15mbps to 300kbps download speeds... Personally. Knowing the expense & issues, stick with a VPS. Also - I once...
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    Batter Operating System...?

    Customization and configuration? Android Usability & simplicity? iOS General shittyness? Windows / Symbian
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    Credit Card Submission Form

    It would be slightly illegal, on multiple grounds as you are not a payment provided, to offer a form to capture the users Credit Card information to pass to a third party.. You should use paypal's shopping card system or something - that way, you never store the credit card information.
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    xenForo it is!

    Really like the UI.X theme :) Makes me consider switching to XF myself!
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    Officially Dead

    I've been saying this for a long time, but its not only the fall of free hosting, but the fall of forums. People are used to having mass amounts of information thrown at them directly, quickly, easily. Forums do not provide that when it comes to information about offers, reviews, etc. People...
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    Upgrading / Migrating to other forum software

    Not going to lie, disappointed to hear that Peo. If you do decide to move the site forward from a traditional forum system, I am available if needed, you have my email. Just putting the offer out there :)
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    Upgrading / Migrating to other forum software

    Any updates regarding this Peo?
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    Tips for Preventing SQL Injection Attacks

    I find using an entity model when developing works wonders. Let your language work for you, and put a wall between the user and the database; For each "table" have an entity, such as the following; class Account extends entitiy { function __construct($payload = null) { $this->entity =...
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    Upgrading / Migrating to other forum software

    something integrated to the forum system would be better however :)