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  1. murat

    .com.kg question

    domain.kg doesnt offer whois protection!!
  2. murat

    .com.kg question

    i dont want everyone can look up my data in th whois. isnt there anyone who already purchased a domain from domain.kg around ?
  3. murat

    .com.kg question

    hello, i want to purchase a .com.kg name. will they contact me through "real" mail or will they just email me ? means, do i have to enter my real data in the sign up form ?
  4. murat

    Interesting facts for Sport lovers !

    great site King Kong was Adolf Hitler's favorite movie.
  5. murat

    Help! Old Game / New pc / VERY slow

    this means iam a lucky guy, coz i bought my pentium 233 for 35euros in a second hand shop!
  6. murat

    Help! Old Game / New pc / VERY slow

    agree, you can easily get an 200mhz notebook for 30 dollars. thats what i did, so when its late and i cant sleep, i just play some hundred years old adventure games and my parents dont even notice it
  7. murat

    If you have given 1 billion $$$$????

    i would buy bad religions first eps (br, hchbaw, itu, bttk), but iam not sure if 1 billion is enoug for all of em
  8. murat

    Needed: Need for Speed 2 SE

    3 to be exact, :biggrin2:
  9. murat

    Music you are listening to now

    one life crew - crime ridden society and after that ill take some hoods - pray for death oh and if we are still talking about bad religion, great band, made me listen all the stuff iam listening right now, recipe for hate and suffer are their bests !
  10. murat

    Needed: Need for Speed 2 SE

    damn !!! this remembers me that i borrowed this game to a friend some years ago, but he didnt give it back yet!
  11. murat

    How Fast??

    i dont know :(
  12. murat

    If you hava 50mb....

    uhm, just remembered i have some very long essays in the knowledge base, maybe its because of this
  13. murat

    free wap redirection ?

    hey ho, anyone know a place where i could get a short wap subdomain for free ? thank you !
  14. murat

    Yahoo or MSN?

    they all suck, i have a phone !
  15. murat

    If you hava 50mb....

    look at my forum(http://turkpunk.com/) the db is exactly 50 mb right now
  16. murat

    going to NY - need info/advice/help...

    of course that would be the first thing i would do in new york !!
  17. murat

    Tic for tat

    whats a rep ?
  18. murat

    ---- Nickelback!

    BR did this too, tesf title track is an exact copy of 21st century digital boy
  19. murat

    Will there ever be a GREAT film based on a great game?

    after the pirates of the caribbean, a good monkey island movie would be cool! i said a good !
  20. murat

    Cool new game

    well, i prefer our 'complicated' law than recounting the votes every time (remember 2000) :p :p