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    Anyone recieved a refund from axehosting?

    Everything is solved thanks Phu :)
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    Anyone recieved a refund from axehosting?

    Did anyone here that was hosted with axehosting recieve a refund? They emailed me a week ago and told me that i will be refunded but i still haven't recieved anything? I mailed them and they didn't respond. I'm getting pretty annoyed... Phu if you read this please refund allready i want to...
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    looking for very little for very little

    Just look around in the freewebspace section, im sure that there will be more thank enough to statisfy your needs :)
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    network for gamer

    Very nice site :) Did you made the flash by yourself??
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    New Xeon Server, Must Fill ASAP! Free Hosting Blowout!

    I suggest you guys change your banner as it's still in the vBstyles skin :)
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    Need Free Dedicaded Server

    lolol seriously!? Isnt it obvious that when people pay about 80 bucks per month for a simple server that you wont get them for free? Oh yeah i have a 200gig hd 20TB dedicated server with dual AMD Opteron and acces to the Savvis datacenter if i need more for free, wanna trade for a banana...
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    Looking for Cheap Bandwidth

    Well i've seen a host that offers 5 gig a day but im not the boss off nor hosted by them. If you do want to hear just pm me.
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    2gb/25 Gb Bandwidth

    I think this is a bit strange, you can affor to have a great hosting package for free... but you cant afford to get a .com domain? I think this sounds a little too good to be true
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    New Free Host On The Block

    Lol you guys expect too much, it's free! You don't see many hosts that are ad-free. And about the space... I pay for hosting i dont use more than 50MB for my website... Why do you need more?
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    It must be ok to share illegal IPB 2.0

    In that case who cares, If someone would share vBulletin or UBB:EVE :P
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    Lol you're not going mad it was down :(
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    Nice and clean site, don't have much to ad :)
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    It must be ok to share illegal IPB 2.0

    Well the company might do nothing about it but it's still illegal. Wether the comapny gives a damn it's still under copyright laws so it's illegal to share. I guess if someone mailed the invision company about this they would take it down or be very stupid :P
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    What's the best CMS/Blog script?

    What is the best CMS/Blog script? I want to make a site with all sorts of stupid stuff, funny links etc. I want to easily publish things. I've been looking around a little but most of this software is pretty nice but expensive so if someone could help me out it would be much appreciated :)
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    Need Free Dedicaded Server

    I think that is called Sarcasm :P Unless you're responding with sarcasm too... i'm getting crosseyed >_< Damn that would be sweet free dedicated servers
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    Looking for a simple webhost

    Thanks everyone for the offers :) I think i've made my decision :)
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    Looking for a simple webhost

    Allright i thank you for the offers :) I'll keep on looking around what web has to offer but ill keep those in mind.
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    Looking for a simple webhost

    Hi I'm looking for a simple webhost, maybe 200 meg or more. I'm willing to spend about 30 euro's a year, that is 38.0553 USD. It would be really nice if there was an invision powerboard pre-installed :) Hope there is a nice host there that can provide me with the right hosting :)