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    PHP - Dynamic Websites: A Beginner's Guide

    Yes, of course, I totally agree with you. It is really very simple and easiest web programming language that i have ever found. Also, this is the language that most of the websites are running in the web world. Combination of PHP and JavaScript will lead to a great website with high security...
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    Youtube Live

    It is nothing but watching programs or events live in youtube. Instead of uploading first and then watching it later any number of times by visitors. A live video is like watching online TV. Thanks.
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    Google Chrome Operating System!

    Yes, i mount Chrome OS in my pen drive and Worked on it. It is not so good. Have to add more number of features, i can say. It has given me the feel like working everything in Chrome browser itself. Best for syncing and better to keep our data in cloud.
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    Who loves windows 7?

    I like W7 more than and next to XP. I have not used Linux too much.
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    Large hosts or small ones?

    I always trust the large web hosts than the small ones. But, if anyone(my friends) is there to strongly recommend a web host for their hosting services, then i wont consider whether it is small one or large one. Just go and start hosting.
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    Linux vs Windows - Which is better?

    I give importance to Linux (more secure) when compare with Windows.
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    What is the best way to promote a free webhosting service?

    In addition, guest blogging helps you get high pr and traffic. If wanna promote by spending some money then go behind social networks where you will get good benefit for your spendings. Thanks.
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    How to add a +1 google button to your site

    It will take sometime that '+1' button to get popular among the people. But, still the best sharing button 'like' i think than '+1'.
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    Review hosting site

    PROBLEM in loading page. The page isn't redirecting properly That is what i get, when i click this link.
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    Can I earn money by reselling hosting .??

    Yes, of course you can see some huge money out of it, if you get more number of customers. But, be sure that the web hosting company where you get server must be reliable to provide hosting service without any downtime and make sure that they provide better customer support. Otherwise, you will...
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    Bulk registration - what are your cases?

    Yes, i do register domains in bulk. Mostly i will do register with Godaddy who will start an bulk registration offer every year beginning. Last year, i have did register so and worked on it to get high ranking for link building usage in my niche. Also, i have used it for link exchange. Mostly i...
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    Illusion WebSite Review

    Wow. The explanations that are given to each of the illusions are really quite good. I have not need such kind of sites ever before. Great work friend. But, do regular updation.
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    Anyone like to review my site?

    Yes, I agree with you. But I want you to keep that blue color background in the index page in footer too.
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    Twitter Breaking News Site

    Just visited that site. Really a great work friend. I don't know how will you get these breaking news from twitter because some may give wrong news and that may spread like a fire among the tweeters.
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    What is HTML and XHTML

    Using XHTML authors can able to be more consistent and can able to write legible code. It is easy to switch to XHTML, if you already know HTML. You cannot find that much difference in it. There are some new rules that you will find the XHTML will make you a better programmer.
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    [php] Importing a file?

    Great Stuff Friend. I too have the same query in my project where i need import all the student register number more than 1000. Instead of importing, you have any idea of generating the ids to student from particular number to another number. For example, consider 232212 - 233212. So, i will...
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    Do you know any server speed monitoring service?

    Try dotcom-monitor.com, where you will get 30 day trial to monitor your web server uptime and so on. It will also provide uptime alerts and reports in various forms and charts.
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    Looking for a host for a blog

    Hi, Nowadays, there are so many web hosts who providing blog hosting features and services with variety of one click CMS installation facility in their control panel.