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  1. J

    Free image hosting

    thanks for link shared here but the link is not working, i think flickr and 23hq are best site to share images.
  2. J

    Free Online SEO Tools

    google keywords planner, moz, webmaster tool, ahrefs, semrush etc are the free online SEO tools
  3. J

    Free Space Needed

    Are you looking for the web hosting storage?? if it yes means then infinityfree company will give more free space web hosting storage so you can try it.
  4. J

    how do you pay for hosting services?

    it is completely depends on the plan which your going to select and basic plan will yearly once pay.
  5. J

    effective way of seo

    web analytics Build a good web site add site map page SEO-friendly URLs keyword research PPC unique and relevant title and meta description pages Keep it readable with unique content anchor text when linking press releases social media marketing Diversify traffic sources
  6. J

    Internet Marketing books

    yes , i do and it make me good for sometimes.
  7. J

    Which is Good for SEO ?

    WordPress is good one compare to blogger because WordPress have very good theme and user friendly
  8. J

    HTML5 and the old HTML

    In the old HTML we should write a perfect code in the html5 while you start to right a code automatically it ends the code itself and it is easy to write a code.
  9. J

    XHTML pages

    If you are looking for the limitation just go through this link https://kamikazejd.wordpress.com/2012/04/09/what-are-the-limitations-of-xhtml-pages-versus-html5/ it will help you
  10. J

    Any good new films?

    Last week I had seen New movies Theri It is a ok ok movie and it is an south Indian Tamil movie
  11. J

    How many pages will the finished website be (estimated)?

    I think it depends on the requirement services but there will be a limit exactly we can't say
  12. J

    Best Ecommerce Website Software

    According to me magento is the best one for ecommerce website
  13. J

    McAfee Security Center

    See update in the sense mcafee wants to update you software so if you don't want to use it or update it, better you can use avast
  14. J

    I am a big fan of Google Chrome.

    I am using both Mozilla as well as google chrome both browsers are user friendly, I loved to use those two browser
  15. J

    Free images for websites

    I think instead of finding those website it is better to create your self with the help of the best designer
  16. J

    Today is my 10th Anniversary on the Site!

    oh great, belated wishes.
  17. J

    What do you do when your on the computer?

    First of all when computer is on i will refresh it once or twice and then i will move for further work in the computer
  18. J

    5 Best Pc games according to you?

    I would like to play half life - 2
  19. J

    How comfortable are you with writing HTML entirely by hand?

    With the help of dream viewer i can able to manage a web page through coding because if you type once the code will be automatically displayed and while closing the code no need to enter full it will close itself so instead of writing code through hand it is better to use dream viewer
  20. J

    Your First Operating System?

    Mine is ubuntu OS