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    Chrome OS, what do you think?

    does it support many hardwares? I mean drivers?
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    5-day money back guarantee

    best is 30 days money back guarantee, make customers feel safe.
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    WHMCS Vs BoxBilling

    WHMCS, 5 years and still using it.
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    Question for paid hosts

    come on, make more discussions rather than just register and spamming :D
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    How is the market demand for free hosting > How many signups can I get per day & how?

    So, if many people here are pessimists about free hosting, why does this forum still up? :D
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    About dDos

    most budget providers will null route their ddos'd ip address i guess, since hardware anti-ddos is very expensive.
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    Hostgator! worst one!

    used to be good (used them few years ago), but hearsay now they're not good since they were taken over by eig
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    hosting free hidden fees

    maybe you should check free web hosting from active member in free web hosting forum, they usually trusted.
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    Which Server I should Prefer for Cloud Hosting ??

    does the op is still concerned with this thread?
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    live chat software for online customer support

    livezilla one, maybe
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    Any fast promotion ideas?

    adsense is ppc, is it?
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    Host Pair (aka So Cheap Host) 1.5 year review

    nice to read a good review bro :)
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    WHMCS Weekly & Fortnightly Addon

    i guess they currently don't have, because it's unusual for such payment term.
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    123systems.net is it good?

    i've once had experience with them, really bad vps they offers, too crowded, slow performance, even i'm shocked now he's one of community liaison in web hosting forum.
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    2GB cPanel Accounts

    it is offline mate, what happened?
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    Any fast promotion ideas?

    fastest promotion, throw your money a lot to ppc service.
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    Do you have a smartphone?

    i don't know what smartphone is, but i have SE Xperia Mini. But still i'm smarter than my phone, so it is notsosmartthanmephone i guess :D
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    That's great, even it's only support one operator but it is more than enough for small to mid provider.
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    do you have an account in Linked in ??

    i don't know what's good about linkedin, i got many invitations of it in my email.
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    Is livezilla really free? I thougt it is now paid