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    Man shot 5 times by Police in London wasn't linked to bombings after all

    from my knowledge of police, i thought police cannot shoot their guns unless they have a permit or warrant allowing them for a certain case or if their life is in danger.Even in a car chase, if a police shoots a tire to stop the car, they still get charged, happen to my friend father.
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    New Graphics, what do people think?

    nice layout, and graphics
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    msn problem

    i've had that before.. another way you could solve that is to put a fake e-mail and fake password in and then click the remember my password box..and after it says it doesn't work,, the password and username will stay there and yours will not be there any more :P
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    iPod Shuffle RAID anybody?

    and what's the point of that? the second pic is funny :P
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    A deal so great in comptuers I couldn't resist!

    that is a good deal, i shall check best buy,, but what's the difference between a eMachine anyway? compared to laptops etc that are 1000 dollars and more, those seem really cheap
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    Need to host FTP On my comp.

    if you get a ftp address you can use microsoft frontpage to make your site and to upload it onto the server
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    Hi everyone

    welcome to the site, i'm a new member also
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    Translate this site please? (Chinease to english)

    what a weird site? and i dont think a translation site will help, they usually make it more confusing especially since it's in chinese
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    Emo kid gets Xbox360

    wow is that kid lucky! since i own a xbox already, i have been waiting for the new release of xbox 360, it looks pretty big though....hopefully that guy that gave his kid the xbox name wont leak out and then he wont get fired :P
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    More Bombs In London! [merged]

    ya i heard about this.. i thought this was very tragic and even especially since one of my friends lives there..but i know he never got killed thought thankfully i hope everything gets better over there
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    Popular search engine!

    I stick to Yahoo because even though it's similar to google i just like yahoo better cuz i've used that since the begining
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    Invites as spam

    ya i also get those alot from everyone once in a while, I dont really think that is concidered spamming because they aren't really trying to sell anything unlike other spam e-mails