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    Sponsored account available (Cpanel)

    Thanks to all who emailed so far. It would seem out of the 26 people that have requested a free account, only 2 even bothered to read the original post. It would seem the other 24 missed this part: Not what I would call very hope inspiring for the human race.
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    Sponsored account available (Cpanel)

    In an effort to get the name of a new hosting service known, I am offering a number of sponsored accounts. Account specifics are open to discussion. Note that one of the sponsored accounts recently taken on was given 1 GIG of space and 40 GIG of transfer/month, in other words, if your site is...
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    FDCServers.net :: Hacked

    FDC traced down the wannabe hacker and reported his --- to his ISP and the police. Petr claimed at WHT that it was an ex-employee that did it.
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    I have learned that Anime is not that bad

    There is a lot of diversity in anime. I'm a die hard anime fan, but even I think DBZ s*cks balls. A series you must watch is Full Metal Panic. It was released last year and is absolutely awsum. Evangelion is also very good, though there are one or 2 episodes are are extremely weird and are a big...
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    Free host needed for portfolio

    What you expect? Windows hosting is more costly than linux hosting and also requires a good deal more maintenance to keep everything working smoothly.
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    Now that is the last place on this planet you'll ever find me looking for a host. Hosting offers on ebay are mostly a sham in one way or another, I suggest you start looking elsewhere. Ow gosh, those look like limits to me. Hmmm, anybody want to join me and make a quick buck off a false...
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    One Dedicated Server Please :d

    Right, that alone costs most companies $45 a month or above. That would leave $55 a month for a server... $49 a month without a control panel at www.serveroutsource.com It's a 1ghz Duron machine with 100 GIGS a month. They only include 128 MB of ram though, which isn't really enough, so...
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    Valcato dedicated servers

    I like answers like that :) Unfortunatly, I just got 2 new servers last week, so I'm not looking at the moment. I wish you the best of luck with your new venture.
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    I NEED A free webthingy. with MYSQL + FORUM ABILITY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Why be mad at your friend for not knowing something. I'd be gratefull for his offer. At least he tried to help.
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    Valcato dedicated servers

    Considering they are just reselling dedicatednow servers... Nothing wrong with that, but how do you justify the higher monthly fees and the higher setup fees (when the introductory offer is over). What do you add to the value of the servers to justify the higher fees? Since dedicatednow is...
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    Being a Free WebSpace provider

    My visions on this, also providing free hosting: I'm afraid to check my e-mail. >I'm never afraid to check my email. I try to answer everything as clearly as possible. If I feel a can't (or in some very rare cases don't want to) help somebody, I just say so and explain to the best of my...
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    Review xboxgnome.com

    The gnome in the logo just doesn't appeal to me. If you have a little money, have somebody do a piece of custom art of a wicked looking gnome playing a console or something. This shouldn't cost any more that about $50 to have made. Also with only the 5 buttons, that design really could do with a...
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    the return of My Free Host

    Nixt and phpmanager don't necessarily setup the accounts automatically, you can still check them by hand, it just speeds up the process and you'll have an easy to maintain user database so you can easily send out emails to your users, but it's up to you, just trying to make your life a little...
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    the return of My Free Host

    Master_tee, you might want to look into nixt for a signup/user database system, or if you don't mind spending $30 at phpmanager. Both can be converted to be used for free hosting, it's just a matter of recoding some of the templates a little. www.phpmanager.com www.nixt.org Believe me...
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    a Malaysia chinese boy asked for help ! would u help him ?

    Is that a P4 with the old or the new chip architecture? If it's the old architecture, a P3 1GHZ will beat it to a pulp when it comes to webhosting ;)
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    a Malaysia chinese boy asked for help ! would u help him ?

    To answer the question when I'll reopen a limited amount of signups: I'll be accepting about 50 signups at the end of next week (Thursday or Friday) on an Ensim based server. Just have to wait for the DNS to propagate and I have to go off for a few days next week (Monday - Thursday) on a...
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    Site for non-HTML users...

    Step 1) Start photoshop and make something nice Step 2) Start fireworks and slice up the photoshop creation Step 3) Start dreamweaver and code the sliced photoshop creation. I like dreamweaver as you get a visual presentation of the coding. Speeds things up a little.
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    Need need Cpanel hosting [cheapest]

    Though I generally have had no problems with Valcato recently, they seem to have recompiled php lately and dropped on of the modules one of the scripts I run uses. It's now turning out nice blank pages. Other than that Valcato hasn't been too bad. I do occasionally annoy myself with some of the...
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    Looking for host with these requirements

    .nl could be a problem. When I wanted to point my .nl to my US server they had to use some whacky trick to get it to work. I think what they basicly did was use their nameservers and then point it to my server via them.
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    this cannot be real *pokes himself*

    Let's see, their allowing telnet and running an older version of apache... They'll either go bankrupt OR get the hell hacked out of themselves !!! NEVERMIND, just looked and they seem to have upgraded apache, but allowing telnet is still asking for it.