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  1. Bizarre-Host

    Need host under $3/Mo

    We at Bizarre-Host has been in business since 2003! I can offer you a custom plan at $3/Month: 100MB Space 5GB Data Transfer 20 Add-on and Parked domains Send me a PM if you are interested or if you have any questions!
  2. Bizarre-Host

    New line of shared plans just got better! Second month FREE!

    Bizarre-Host released a new line of shared webhosting accounts last week, now we make these plans even more atractive! Register for any Budget plan on a monthly payment cycle and receive the second month FREE! The plans can be found here: https://bizarre-host.com/shared/budgetplans.php...
  3. Bizarre-Host

    I need Servers

    We currently have a special on P4 2.66GHz 512MB 80GB SATA servers: https://bizarre-host.com/dedicated/plans.php
  4. Bizarre-Host

    7GB/70GB cPanel & WHM Reseller

    Why are you changing web hosts? If you are at all pleased with your current provider, then stay with them! Finding quality with those specs at that price is close to impossible!
  5. Bizarre-Host

    Any cheaper hosting via e-gold as payment

    We accept E-Gold. We recently released a new line of accounts "budget accounts", a US$5/Month budget plan would give you: Budget Bronze 3: 500MB Space 30GB Data Transfer CPanel 10 & Fantastico De Luxe 2.8 There are cheaper plans if you would prefer that, take a look at our budget plans...
  6. Bizarre-Host

    New shared budget webhosting line added!

    We at Bizarre-Host have just released a new line of shared webhosting accounts: The plans can be found here: https://bizarre-host.com/shared/budgetplans.php We have been in business since 2003 and celebrated 3 Years in business this month! As usual we have a large number of different...
  7. Bizarre-Host

    Topsite-friendly hosting provider

    I agree to computerhelpworld, we have hosted serveral topsite websites though and have never had any problems with them. Be sure to do some research on the script you are going to use before you start using it, changing scripts when it gets popular is bound to cause problems.
  8. Bizarre-Host

    Dedi-Servers | Looking for offers

    Maby you should read his request again? You may find the answer to be NO and he needs a windows server.
  9. Bizarre-Host

    Dedicated server special!

    We have received several e-mails about accepted payment methods: We accept E-Gold, PayPal and CreditCard payments. This offer will expire on Jun 4 if there are still servers left!
  10. Bizarre-Host

    I need good dedicated server

    We have a special right now on Bizarre-Host. You get a $45 discount the first month and the second month free plus the setup fee is waived! server specs: P4 2.66 GHz Linux Fedora Core 4 1000GB Data Transfer 512MB RAM 80GB SATA HDD 2 IPs 10 Mb/s Port 100% uptime guarantee CPanel...
  11. Bizarre-Host

    Need Paid Hosting :D

    I can offer you our Bronze 2 Plan, due to the fees though we can’t sell this on a monthly basis but if you are okay with a quarterly payment cycle its perfect: 100MB Space 1GB Data Transfer CPanel 10 & Fantastico De Luxe 2.8 $5/Quarter No Setup Fee PayPal, E-Gold, CC The plan can be...
  12. Bizarre-Host

    Looking For A Good Host

    We will be launching our new budget plans next week. I'll give you a chanse to order early. What I can offer you: 500MB Space 30GB Data Transfer PHP, CGI/PERL, MySQL CPanel 10 & Fantastico De Luxe 2.8 $5/Month | $55/Year No Setup Fee PayPal, E-Gold, CC The Budget Plans can be...
  13. Bizarre-Host

    Dedicated server special!

    We currently have a couple of servers not in use that we will be selling off at a discounted price. Save $45 on your initial payment and get one month FREE! Current Special: No Setup!! First Month discounted!! Second Month FREE!! Server Specs: P4 2.66 GHz Linux...
  14. Bizarre-Host

    Dedicated Server Sponsor?

    That would explain some :biggrin2: I'm not saying he is a moron! He just needs a better business plan or as you say, get a job! :beer:
  15. Bizarre-Host

    Dedicated Server Sponsor?

    You say that you have already started your hosting "company" with a reseller account, and you say it have been successful. But you are obviously making to little profit from it! If I were you I would look over my business plan, seems to me like it’s no good!
  16. Bizarre-Host

    Need Hosting ~ Can only pay w/ E-gold

    We accept E-Gold payments. I can offer you: 100MB Space 10GB Data Transfer Unmetered MySQL, SubDomains, E-Mail accounts, FTP accounts Etc... CPanel & Fantastico De Luxe $3/Month Or $30/Year No Setup Fee PayPal, E-Gold, CC We have been in business since May 2003 (Almost a full 3...
  17. Bizarre-Host

    With Domain Selling My Entire Webspace Name.. OFFERS?

    I wouldn’t pay anything as I would never go for a plan that claim to offer "Unlimited" space/transfer. I would suggest that instead of lying to your clients, re-think your business plan!
  18. Bizarre-Host

    1TB bandwidth for $9.95 ???

    And what is your affiliation to galaxy-hosts, looks to me that your on a reseller account form them?.. :o But then that wouldnt be owning your own servers :p http://www.dnsreport.com/tools/dnsreport.ch?domain=precision-hosting.com
  19. Bizarre-Host

    How i can add funds in E-Gold ?Really urgent

    Use an exchange service like goldnow.st, do a google search and you will find several. be sure to use one that has a good reputation as some may take your money.
  20. Bizarre-Host

    Looking for cheap custom hosting (small list)

    VAT is like sales tax in EU. You shouldn't have to pay VAT if your in a non European union country. That’s how it works here in Sweden so it should work the same way in UK.