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  1. DCI

    ThE LongesT ThreaD EveR

    I'm back to regain the #1 spammer in this long thread :o
  2. DCI

    firewall software

    ZoneAlarm.. Works fine. :chinese2:
  3. DCI

    Linksys Routers

    Thank you. Well i couldnt find the manual.
  4. DCI

    Linksys Routers

    Does anyone know the password for the Control Panel and the username. Daniel posted it once but i cant find it anymore. So if anyone else knows please tell me. Thanks.
  5. DCI

    Symbols on the board

  6. DCI

    ~~help Urgently Please!

    you mean setup like where u can put in Safe Mode,etc? If so, i had same thing and my whole thing got killed nothing would work anymore even system restore thats build in i had warranty so i got a whole new one.
  7. DCI

    ThE LongesT ThreaD EveR

    2 of my posts dissapeared :S i had 200 now 198 in this thread.
  8. DCI

    .avi movie help !!

    Usually you have to wait. It doesnt work while playing before its done. It should work fine sicne you also downloaded the divx codec. So just wait till its done.
  9. DCI


    I agree with nitro. It's not that easy.
  10. DCI

    Is this a good price for a hard drive?

    When i went to compusa yesterday i saw 30gb one for 49.99 after rebate. 80 before rebate.
  11. DCI

    Nero Vs. Easy Cd Creator

    I agree with Ben about Nero but i can have stuff open even if i burn something.
  12. DCI

    Building a Fast System.

    The Burner?
  13. DCI

    Blue or purple?

    Purple With LCD :cry2:
  14. DCI

    Is msn working right now?

    It's working fine now for like an hour now.
  15. DCI

    Is msn working right now?

    Yup. I can't connect either. Even though the server status says working.
  16. DCI

    Does this work for you?

  17. DCI

    Happy Birthday...

    Happpppppppppppppy Birthday.
  18. DCI

    Meow's Post Count...

    YES, please.. so you can be banned.
  19. DCI

    My Discipline Master

    Are you sure your 100% straight? first with the shower :confused2
  20. DCI

    ThE LongesT ThreaD EveR

    lol, when i used earthlink it changed it.