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  1. shizzle

    Reseller needed

    And yet you wonder why they can't fix it and are looking for a new host, again, super-cheap. Don't any of you people realize that the REASON that you keep having to switch hosts is BECAUSE you keep trying to buy extraordinary plans at dirt-cheap, WAY WAY WAY below cost pricing. I just came back...
  2. shizzle

    Heil Hitler!

    That's a myth. It's even at snopes, but I'm too lazy to find it. Robert, by criminal code, he means the code cops use to denote something. I've heard so many pot smokers say that's what it is. It's not. It's just another excuse to smoke weed, but it got around so fast that people believe it. It...
  3. shizzle

    fedora = redhat ?? !

    Redhat costs money now.
  4. shizzle

    Xshare Logo Designs - Special Offer!

    First take a look at my (ever-growing) portfolio at http://xshare.org . Now, I know that this is FreeWebSpace.net, so the people here generally aren't as eager to pay as much money for designs as other places, so I've actually cut my regular minimum fee in half, and will create logos for...
  5. shizzle

    Xshare Logo Designs

    Just wondering what you guys at FWS think about my portfolio. Haven't been here in a while. http://xshare.org
  6. shizzle

    AIM - Now with free spyware!

    Hmm.. it didn't install spyware on my PC...
  7. shizzle

    Will spam stop now...?

    I get maybe 5 spam emails a week. Thank god for filtering and using forwarders for all signups. (I have a catchall that goes to my actual email address, so each signup I give it it's own email such as: yahoosignup1@xshare.org to signup for yahoo.
  8. shizzle

    Google adsense

    You think there's any chance for robblerobble.com? I'm unsure of what they accept and what they don't. I heard also that if they reject you once, they'll never accept you.
  9. shizzle

    Post counts are back!

    wow. I went from below-NLC to having a title. 400-odd posts to 1000-odd posts.
  10. shizzle

    Where can i find a ....?

    It doesn't have to do with what control panel, but rather what permissions your host has set for you.
  11. shizzle

    how to start a free host?

    Nope, not that I know of. Basically, you need to buy inventory (space) and if you want to give it out for free, all the power to ya, but to make a return on your investment, you must sell the inventory (space) and to do that, you must spend even more money on advertising budget, site design...
  12. shizzle

    Is this host reliable?

    No. Free layout. Crappy grammar and spelling. Crap.
  13. shizzle

    blocking someone on icq

    In preferences, hit Privacy and Security settings. Have fun!
  14. shizzle

    0.9999... = 1

    It has to do with Infinite cycles and how eventually it reaches 1...
  15. shizzle

    0.9999... = 1

    Just want to add to this yet another proof. .9999... = 1. It does. I asked my math professor, and it does. Well, he showed me this whole long calculus operation on why and how... I don't remember it, but .999...=1. Think about it: 1/3 =.33333333.... = 1/3 2/3 =.66666666.... = 2/3 3/3...
  16. shizzle

    Laptop Issues?

    Umm... this got fixed by the eople at WHT, but thanks anyway. The battery died and is unchargable. I just eneed to take it out.
  17. shizzle

    Laptop Issues?

    How do you replace a laptop Mobo?
  18. shizzle

    Laptop Issues?

    But it wont run on AC either.
  19. shizzle

    Laptop Issues?

    My laptop (Pentium 133, 64 MB RAM, quite old) recently died on me. It has been working with no error for years now, and I see no reason to buy a new one. I'll try to fix this one. Its a Toshiba Sattelite Pro. Now, when I try to plug it in the lights on the front for charging and plugged in are...
  20. shizzle

    Happy Bday CoRn!!

    It's my birthday too!!! Yay!! Happy birthday!