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    Just to let everyone know..Jewlzk.Com

    I meant selling hosting, but your interpretation works just as well. :) Actually, what is interesting is that the knowledgebase area of WHMCS appears to be getting some attention, and is suggesting that the hosting is now provided out of Colo4Dallas. Also that the company has been around since...
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    Just to let everyone know..Jewlzk.Com

    I have been keeping my eye on that site for about 3 months now - it has gone through various trials, showing plans and so forth some days, and being almost blank like it is today. I am very interested to see what comes up out of this, and what possible means of selling a company that has had...
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    Decision-Making Time

    Congratulations on both your new location and your new investor. I really DO feel for you as I am supporting my spouse here in Canada while we wait for immigration clearance and so forth (I married an American). We haven't had the opportunity to interact here, but you have my respect, and...
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    I was surprised nobody had said anything HERE for the past couple of days. I was WELL aware of the WHT thread (and was waiting for Decker to comment!!). While I hope that nothing horrible has happened to the owner, I am really glad I was out of this mess about 3 months ago. Decker and I have...
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    Joomla! Template

    Let me know how that turns out. If so, I may have a job for you!
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    Joomla! Template

    That looks really very good! Have you done any work with modules with rounded corner borders and the like?
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    HostingWOW is officially closed.

    I'm with you on that one Decker. I hope David takes the time to sort this out for himself. I know personally, and from the major crisis I had with my son this year how incredibly serious depression can be! We have all survived and grown, but the last 4 months have been very trying. So, do...
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    What do you want in a 'Gameserver'

    I don't game, so I asked my 16 yr old, the gamer about this one. His requests: 1. A server that is not overloaded. 2. A server with good registration. He says that it's hard to find one where the shots register well. 3. Good network latency and ping times. 4. Geographical location for network...
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    HostingWOW is officially closed.

    I am a mom of a kid around and abouts your age (a bit younger but still...). Personally, I would prefer to know what was up with my guy... We have been through a very rough year including a number of weeks in hospital because he wasn't telling me what he was doing and what was going on. I...
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    I need some help chosing a Dedicated Server

    I have a server just like that at servebydesign.net. Not much on it, but no complaints. Speed is reasonable to my location, not spectacular, but good enough for what I am doing. That server has a few of my personal sites and so on, and is a backup to my main dedicated that I use for various...
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    Anyone from Geekrack listening?

    I dunno, I think Decker is due for some good luck soon?
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    Anyone from Geekrack listening?

    Actually, this reads more like a daily soap opera: Will Decker find his own true server? How did the addresses mysteriously appear on that computer? Has the official GeekRack gone missing? Is this all a big conspiracy (duh duh duh ...) Are there answers to be had anywhere? Tune in...
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    Anyone from Geekrack listening?

    I have also emailed you and would appreciate being kept up to date.
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    I just checked my spam box (which I only do every few days) and I too am a recipient. Nice to meet all of you whose email accounts I now have :/
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    Compare Dedicated server companies/File hosting services

    Sorry, I have no suggestions, but I did note your problems with downloading earlier today. Your stuff is fantastic, and I hope you get this sorted out right shortly.
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    Virtualization Software for the masses

    I hope the functionality is as good as the look of that project. :) I will have to liberate a machine and try that out.
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    Just to let everyone know..Jewlzk.Com

    Personally, have no idea what is going on now (and don't really care much now that I am gone on to much greener pastures). What I can say .. jewlzk.com is now showing a new joomla template with the name Equinox Inc. and Roland appears to be posting to his blog again (easy google on that, not...
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    The Nightmare called TheNYNoc.com, STAY AWAY FROM THEM AT ALL COST!

    I am aware of parts of this somewhat garbled (after a long day) story first hand. I am not amused by this situation at all either.. I know one of the parties involved quite well. He is a friend as well as a business partner, and he was had badly from what I can tell. LSC, I think you know who...
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    Got about 25 free movie tickets from regal should i give them away with hosting ?

    Great idea, except I would personally find it irritating as either a client or affiliate due to the fact I am not in the US.
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    Need to put the Heat Sink Back On!

    hahaha - thermal paste does not glue your processor to your heatsink..... you have to apply about the size of a LED to the back of the heatsink where the processor touches the heatsink and reatach the fan with the provided mounts/clips.