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    Reliable Post4Host ?

    Got the perfect host for you! We are a 1 time post2host (you only need to make a 1 time requirement and you're good) cPanel No File size and type restrictions Unlimited of all cPanel features (except for space and bandwidth of course) Safe_mode off, fsockopen enabled, most common php Features...
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    Hosting for Counties Young Democrats website

    I got the PERFECT host for you! Rackfree, the democratic post2host. Basically we are a host run on democratic principals. We have no CEO. Everything is managed by teams. the public votes on what we do, and stuff like that. This is a PERFECT for you :) As for our features, even our lowest plan...
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    Looking for a Few Multilingual Partners!

    well...modding experience. and perhaps if you do a good job we are thinking of some "staff benefits" such as alpha master reseller accounts
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    Free hosts offering Gigs and Gigs...

    well unfortunately since all hosts do it it's hard for those of us who don't oversell our servers to compete...so we are forced to oversell just a little bit... Basically a little overselling alright in hopes that most users will not use their limit. For example, we got our server with only 100...
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    RackFree - Post to Host Forums in OTHER LANGUAGES Open - Mods Needed!

    nope. 1 time :) you post...and you keep your account forever
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    Need free webhosting for cooking website.

    How about this. A cooking site is pretty original...for most web hosters. How would you like to become part of the RackFree network. Basically you will be in full control of the site, there will be point exchange between your site's forum and our forum (ex: users who post on your cooking site...
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    Hosting Needed for 360 Gaming Website

    Sounds like you need RackFree :) http://forum.rackfree.net * 2 - 3GB Space: you can get 2 gigs of space for 30 points (about 15 posts) * 10GB Bandwidth. (10 gigs for 30 points) * Cpanel (latest version) * Mysql (and mysqli, pgmyadmin, you name it :)) * Php Myadmin (got it...
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    low bandwidth hosting for PC Repair site

    check out rackfree (http://forum.rackfree.net) We are a one time post to host. You post once and you never have to worry about it again :) - something semi-reliable: we have our own vps. 99.85 uptime - no conflict of interest ads: you can put any ads you want on your site - php capable?: php5...
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    [Req] Free Hosting FFmpeg

    I can host you personally if you put an advertisement on (email me at adz@jewc.org) or if you would like to make a one time post (no MONTHLY posting, you get to keep your account forever) For 10 gigs space 50 gigs bandwidth you need 150 points (around 75 posts/topics). Either way I can satisfy...
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    URGENT - Word Press Hosting - DON'T MIND ADS!

    At RackFree we meet all your requirements except 1, that is forum posting. Now if you are so against forum posting I can personally host you if you put an ad on, or if you are active in promoting RackFree. Your requirements don't seem too large. However take a look at our post alternative: We...
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    Reliable hosting needed

    it's alright :P Made a couple of my own mistakes when criticizing other users XD
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    Reliable hosting needed

    nope I followed his requirement I said he has an OPTION to do post post to host if he wants to upgrade, but 200 mb/1 GB is our free plan.
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    Reliable hosting needed

    Check out rackree (http://forum.rackfree.net). Your requirements are covered by our free plan (200 megs space 1 GB bandwidth) and you can always upgrade your specs later on for a one time post requirement (15 points = about 5-7 posts/topics = 1 gig of space = 5 gigs bandwidth). You get to keep...
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    forum for buying selling trading of merchanides

    well how high do you need them to be? If you want you can try rackfree (http://forum.rackfree.net). We have cPanel, no file size limits, great for forums (forum.rackfree.net is hosted on the server, so you can see it's features and speed). We can help you set up the forums if needed...And if...
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    Free Web Service Needed / Offers 468-60 Ads

    alright...tell ya what. Talked to some people at RackFree, and if you need 128 mb memory limit, you can check us out. Suggest raising the memory limit, or request it as a "special case". The staff will review it...and perhaps you can have it. Just warning you if you abuse it too much we will...
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    need a free but rapid fast hosting

    oh ooops! didn't realize this was page 2. my bad :)
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    Need Reseller

    well no host can *prove* they are stable. You just have to see for yourself, read a few of the testimonials in the testimonials section. You can always request that free trial account and check out the server for yourself. And if it's stable make sure you tell everybody :D
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    Free Web Service Needed / Offers 468-60 Ads

    wow why do you need such a high memory limit and so much bandwidth? I don't think you would find something like that with free hosting...even with ads.
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    need a free but rapid fast hosting

    I thought you can only post requests on here...not ads
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    Need Reseller

    we can host you at rackfree. 100 points (around 30 posts on average) for a 5 GB space 25 gig bandwidth reseller. it's easy to get points. just make a few tutorials (at LEAST 10 points per tutorial, up to 50 points!), refer some friends, make an ad for us, or just simply post about whatever you...