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    Great free cPanel Hosting deals with 24/7 Support!

    Premium Package: Unlimited Disk Space Unlimited Bandwidth What do you mean by that? You would be overselling if you claim to be giving away unlimited, wouldn't you?
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    KwiX Host?

    I had a web directory getting about 50 + uniques a day! There was a lot of data in the mysql database. my website was ziltech.info ! is there any way to backup my data!?
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    Possibly the BEST Offer in Free Hosting!

    Can we have our own domain?
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    **2 Web Templates** Full .PSD INCLUDED!

    Hi, This is Zilox. I have 2 web templates for sale! Template 1 is a web hosting layout : Preview here Starting : $15 BIN : $45 Template 2 is a general web template ( could be used for business!) Preview here Starting : $15 BIN : $40 Bids should be increased by a minimum...
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    500GB Bandwidth, 5GB Webspace, PHP, MySQL, Control Panel, Instant Activation

    best host ever, i have actually been with them since they launched, 1 1/2 year ago! Never went down and great service too!
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    4 GB Space / 240 GB Bandwidth / No Ads / No Post.

    i donn o abt them but i think the only company that is still up for 4 months with NO downtime and gives 500GB bandwidth ....and i know a peopel having BW more than 200 GB there.
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    Can u tell me a site

    well my site is entertaiment and music stuff and it gets 3000+ pageviews.
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    Can u tell me a site

    Hi i have a site that gets about 15000+ hits per month. I want an ad company that can pay be about 30$ per month. i am currently with bidvertiser and they gave me 0.30 dollars in a week./?? so please help me thnx....
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    BidVertiser Question?

    k bidvertiser sucks i got $0.14 in 3 days and clicks dont count...
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    My .BE domain?

    k thnx for the help :)
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    500GB Bandwidth, 5GB Webspace, PHP, MySQL, Control Panel, NO ADS, Instant Activation

    i am running a full entertainment site with them and its working well with no problems :) they r good and reliable.:-)
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    My .BE domain?

    Hi last year i got a free .be domain which is working fine but it is expiring this december so i need to register this domain again..but i can't register it as its already registered by freebe.be(where i got the domain from) company... so i dont know how and where to register it frm...? plz...
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    If you have cPanel it is quite easy! 1.Just go on the directory you need to upload. 2.Go on Upload Files. 3.Select the file from the your computer. 4.Wait for your file to be uploaded. 5.Thats it! Your File Is Now Uploaded! LatERz,, Zilox! aka tAlhA
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    i hate this hosting they r always down>.. thats it man as soon as it comes back up im taaking backup of all my stuff and getting a paid account......
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    Want Reliable Hosting!

    Hi..I can offer any 2 people reliable hosting and fast hosting they can trust! I can give then 500MB hosting and 3GB b/w 2 mysql databases but im sorry i cant give a controle panel...i can only give u FTP access..u can get a subdomain that i will give u... But we really need...
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    Hosting needed

    well i might start a small hosting for fun later ( i mean after 4-5 months but its mainly going to be for my site but even when i will start free hosting.. it will be like 100mb-300mb space and 600mb-1.5gb b/w..
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    Hosting needed

    Hi i dont really know if all the terms i use are right but anyways ill start of now.. I want a resellers hosting with the following reqirement.. I want 10-15 GB space but it will be better if i get 15.. and 150GB+ I am willing to pay from $7-$10 but i want cPanel! :angel: I want WHM acces...
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    75 gigs space / 1 tera bandwidth ... high traffic sites

    r u serious 1tb bandwidth mAn thats like a whm cpanel hosting company package....
  19. Z

    LewiSoft - One of the best free hosting!

    People you arn't getting this clear... If you live out side US or canada then send a support ticket to inform them. And the signup key in TOS so you will read the tos and not just sign up.. but Www.TheFreeWebHost.Net is a good host.!