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    What is your favorite car?

    I would love to have a Bentley :D But sadly, I only have my 1995 Corolla to play with ;)
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    Hi Guys / Girls don't open this thread!

    Lols.. that was a unique thread title for an introduction! Welcome aboard buddy! :)
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    ThE LongesT ThreaD EveR

    So how do we end this thread? :D
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    Best anti virus

    Avast is good! I used to have the free version and just recently bought the paid version of it - I feel safer than ever.
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    500 posts!

    Well done! Hope I have more time to participate here so I can make mine 3 figures as well :)
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    Post your jokes

    Why is number 10 scared of number 7??? Coz seven eight (ate) nine! :))
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    Are you superstitious?

    Not really. But my parents are! They try to avoid almost anything that Feng Shui says that is bad for our business.
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    directory submissiom affective still???

    If you will be submitting to a niche directory, it would be better IMO than the general directories.
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    ThE LongesT ThreaD EveR

    I wonder how much post this thread will get? :D
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    New design and logo

    Seems really simple. The colors are very subtle though, a bit gloomy. The navigation tab seems alright. Is that the homepage?
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    Please review our new site

    Hi guys... have been busy lately putting up a new site. Please review our new site http://www.MentalHealthSocial.com It is basically a social site aimed to help people around the world to cope with their metal illnesses by interacting with each other online to share their experiences with...
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    Visit our website

    Had lots of laugh at this site! Hahaha!
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    Review new logo! :)

    It complements the overall color scheme of your site ;) Nice work buddy!
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    What are you listening to?

    Mr. Jones - Counting Crows
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    Someone ripped off most of my site?

    Interesting. Does that even qualify for duplicate content? :D Anyways, is there any legal action that could be taken? I can't think of any....
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    What are you listening to?

    Later - Fra Lippo Lippi :)
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    require apperiasial

    I'd go with build-a-host's advice. Better hold on to it for now and maybe put up a site. Have it ranking for relevant keywords and then maybe - it could have a nice appraisal ;)
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    Helpful Tips On Finding a Domain Name

    Great tips! I consider a domain to be good if it is brandable. Having keywords in a domain is only a "plus" factor - what would really have a final say is how well you SEO the site :D
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    Couldn't agree more ;) But once you get the ranking you are aiming for, you enjoy all the glory :D