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    Quad Core Xeon, 100 Mbps "Dedicated" Unmetered, Free DirectAdmin/Plesk - €169/m

    It is not explicitely given as it is only for shared/ Reseller hosting only it seems, am i right? In dedicated offers is it allowed to use Unmetered ? Any how technically speaking as you said it is allowed to use the bandwidth of 33 TB per month but it is good to avoid the word Unmetered with...
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    Dedicated or Lease-To-Own

    I do agree but the OP is asking the server rate should be less than $100 for good specs, in this case this is not offered by not many companies.
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    Opinions on infolinks.com?

    Infolinks is good one for the inline text advertisement for the countries having good internet speed, in countries with slow net like India the infolinks add will take long time to load in the page so it will be ineffective in the site unless the user views in good internet speed but as you...
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    VPS/Dedicated server Price war

    Meanwhile you had given some quote given there, which DC gave you that specs with Cpanel?
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    Review: FasterUpload.com

    Yes once i installed it i am seeing that the select files is a flash button you can use a box there which will show the path like yousendit or megaupload instead of providing a button only there
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    Normally if you host in shared hosting the user name of the account may be the ftp user name, the password will be set by the host you are hosted with, you can use ftp for file uploading and downloading. You need an ftp client like Filezilla to connect to a remote server, you have to use ftp...
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    need suggestions

    Where you find them ? How ? Do they have any review or any performance appraisal system ( like itracker) as proof ? Just check their previous works and if you like inquire about them in other forums. Normally if you had found them from some decent websites and they have some work done proof you...
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    free hosting with LXAdmin?

    LX admin is equally competitive and have more features than Cpanel the thing is its not that much famous in the hosting market but its having strong base in VPS segment, this free hosting area also it will enter soon
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    Would you use Direct Admin?

    It is sure that direct admin is slowly replacing the Cpanel end users, this days i am seeing many server providers are checking direct admin as a control panel and provide it with many of their package also many server admin companies are offering direct admin support, If this trend continues...
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    Dedicated or Lease-To-Own

    Rent to own servers will be bit costly and more than the rate quoted $100 try ezzi.net they are one company providing this service to my knowledge, few others like pacificrack are also there but too costly to afford
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    VPS/Dedicated server Price war

    It is ok just queried that it is there or not, any how you got a client we are buying tomorrow for sure, we are checking some good offers to have Cpanel VPS to host one small blog
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    Review: FasterUpload.com

    I am not seeing any Browse button there in the site, am i seeing some wrong page? Is it a flash button added ? My browser not installed with flash player i am seeing only Upload button in the site index page no other button there near select files to upload
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    Cheap Banner Rotations

    PM sent please check and reply with the requested information at the earliest
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    Review: FasterUpload.com

    1) Is this site working now ? I tried to upload the files for checking, it seems the upload button is not working also the Select files button is there but one button should be placed there to select the files, like open or select or something, if we click it the file selection window should...
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    Review: FasterUpload.com

    1 ) There is a select files box i referred that only, which is very small in width. I use Firefox 2) The upload buttons are in the bottom i said it can be there near the select file button like you send it.com 3) I know hit upload the multiple file will work but said that the select file box can...
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    VPS/Dedicated server Price war

    This is what i thought initially but decided to check with you since i had entered into conflict with other providers in the same manner some time back due to the confusion in the order form. How long this promo will be there ? Till tomorrow ?, surely we will be buying one from you tomorrow...
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    What do you think ?

    I Second it, too many dark colors used in this site, a good use of various colors will make it attractive. Not many sites use dark background for their sites, a neat white or nearly white background with different colors will be more good
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    Bidvertiser - Fraud or not?

    Just willing to check this, no offense, what sort of site you used Bidvertiser, is it forum, blog or any other site? normally Bidvertiser pays less compared to others, do you use any other provider to compare this ? We tried a lot to use Bidvertiser in all possible ways to increase revenue but...
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    Review: FasterUpload.com

    My simple suggestions 1) Increase the text box size of the Select Files To Upload text box to at least 30-40 words length 2) Below the text box provide what files can be uploaded ( extentions) if you restrict few extensions, normally no one allows .exe it seems. 3) Move the upload button to...
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    Competitors targeting newbies with spam.

    Yes it happens with many new companies, competitors trying their best to keep them in trouble, it is totally unprofessional. Also competitors are adopting lot of techniques to stop newbies posting in many forums with all best possible ways. This will be done only by few not all, a healthy...