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    BestOfData.com Worst Services.

    I would suggest softlayer if you are moving. great support
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    iQuest Studios Hosting

    Hey guys,I am offering you all customisable hosting. Mix and match features to meet your needs!Prices are as follow: 100MB space:$0.10 1GB B/w:$0.20 50 features(MySQL,Subdomains etc.):$0.50/unlimited features:$3 RVSkin/cPanel Latest/PHP 5.2.0 included. WHM reseller: +$15. So an average...
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    Limited time offer-free hosting

    Also,pls take note: it is MAX 1.5GB space.. it is not a fixed plan. the space u need depends on the site u have eg. download site or just a personal homepage
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    Limited time offer-free hosting

    applicants pls take note: pls provide more details of your site and how much resources you need
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    Limited time offer-free hosting

    I have currently have a empty server which is used as a testing platform for some of my products before I release them. Hence,I am providing a limited time offer for you all - free hosting for applicants. Features I am offering: Max 1.5Gb space - comeon,ask yourself truely,can you really...
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    Looking for a good host.

    he must be waiting for the FBI to shut down his server
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    Any Free Posting for hosting Reseller out there??

    anyway,i doubt his request will be fulfilled
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    Looking for Plesk Reseller

    what is your budget?
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    Dedicated Server needed. LARGE!

    oh nonono,SOFTLAYER is the way to go. They rock the world and support there is great www.softlayer.com
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    Emergency Need This Kind Of Server

    porn maybe,but not warez,unless they want their servers shutdown
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    Really small hosts?

    of course,our human nature is to be greedy,so naturally we want more than we can use
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    Reseller Account Needed

    hmm,i doubt you will be able to use up 80GB and 80TB of space so soon. in fact,frm my experience,unless you have a client base,you wouldn't be hosting lots of ppl for the 1st few mths...so you might want to be careful and not pay too much for ur 1st plan. just advice frm someone who has gone...
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    Multi forum for download

    isn't it right here: http://www.smfmfs.com/downloads.php Google before you ask...
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    How many people....

    1 reseller now,currently upgrading to dedicated
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    Offering free blog hosting

    bloghoster is a great solution http://www.bloghoster.net/
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    Really small hosts?

    lol. but ur topic is interesting. why the hell would u want a small host when there are so many free host offering so much space out there? cause they are more reliable?
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    There is such a thing as unlimited

    i agree absolutely. nothing in the world is unlimited..in fact,it is just a word that has no actual meaning. cause unlimited = infinite = unreal no. if you cannot have something beyond unlimited or infinity,it simply means it doesn't exist. tho there is unmetered,which actually bases off the...
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    ZoomCities - FREE cPanel Hosting PHP, MySQL, FTP, Fantastico. NO ADS! *NEW WEBSITE!!*

    50MB is quite a lot.Many ppl normally use 10-30MB,unless you are storing huge MP3 files..Taking that each page is about 5kB you can store roughly 10240 page.
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    it is possible that his policy is based on the fact that many ppl don't use more than 1 or 2 hundred mb of space..But unlimited BW?!