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    I thought it would be good to just share a small experience with this hosting company. I purchased a dedicated server with servercomplete, it was very high spec and extremely cheap! I believe it was apart of an offer at the time of purchase however. The customer service was the BEST I have ever...
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    Howdy again.. looking for decent VPS

    Hi everyone, it's been a very long time since I've been on here (couple of years?) Good to see there is still people way back when i first joined on here. Anyway I am looking for a new host... My budget is 60GBP/Month (according to google that is 93USD) I'm probably looking at a decent VPS...
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    Small hosting for scripts

    Thank you very much Schmarvin, I have made an account!
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    Small hosting for scripts

    Hello! I'm currently in the process of writing registration and login script in PHP, in order to send an email to the registered user i need a small web space plan that i can connect to stmp, running a server on localhost just throws and error when the script trys to send an email (of course)...
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    Very small hosting for scripting.

    Hello everybody! It's been a long time since i have been on here, hope all is well. I am doing to be teaching myself PHP and Mysql and possibly some other languages, but mainly PHP. No illegal activity at all.. So this is what i require.. 100mb space (might be using this for some general...
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    Logo design / Cheap / Order Now!

    I am offering logo design for your websites, advertisements, offers ect. $10 per logo Here are some examples of some i have done.. http://img193.imageshack.us/i/262053original.jpg/ http://img526.imageshack.us/i/1066846original.jpg/...
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    Arcoserve - 99.9% uptime / cPanel Hosting / Affordable / Build Your Own Plans!

    Arcoserve will provide you will the hosting you require at a price to suit you! PM me now with the package you want or order or tell me your requirements and i can give you a price!! Arco30 2GB Space 30GB Bandwidth
99.9% Uptime cPanel / Fantastico Unlimited Features $3 / Month
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    VPS streaming

    Could you use a cheap VPS to stream to justin.tv 24/7? I used an online calculator, if the bitrate was 1mb/s, 1 viewer (because you are uploading to justin.tv) it would use 313.497GB bandwidth per month Just did a quick search and seen a VPS for £10 a month 700gb bandwidth per month.. I would...
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    What's your favourite video game? (and why!) - and what are you playing right now?!

    The Legend of Zelda : The Ocarina of Time is my favorite game of all time! N64 was such a cool console. The game was amazing for it's time. The whole fantasy stuff is not over the top also, highly addictive! :D
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    Is it possible to sell..

    Yeah, I think so.. I had the serial number which was on the back of the CD case but lost the actual CD, so i downloaded it. it's hard to find a copy of 'macromedia' flash pro 8 because it's all adobe now. The CD version is the same as the downloadable copy i assume, it simply at the beginning...
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    ThE LongesT ThreaD EveR

    Peanut Butter... Mmmmm
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    Post your reps

    Last rep i got was 2 years ago March 27th, 2008 01:35 ----ing idiot i got given positive rep with that comment also...
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    Is it possible to sell..

    Ahh awesome, well i want to sell it... How much do you reckon i could get for it? it being flash pro 8, not the newest, i payed about £500 for it in november 2008. Obviously i will sell for a lot less then that. Do you think anyone on these forums would be interested? or is ebay the best way to...
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    Is it possible to sell..

    A serial number for a piece of software? I bought a copy of Flash Professional 8 quite a long time ago. I don't use it and want to remove it from my computer, yet it was expensive at the time... It would be nice to get something for it. From looking online i see it's still available for...
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    Finally i am able to access the site now! Thanks for the input guys, its been down for 3 days! Cheers.
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    I am with an ISP called Seethelight, they offer high speed fibre to the home broadband, they are based in cardiff. (seethelight.co.uk) everything else is working completely fine, no loss in speed ect. If you could help that would be most appreciated. Thanks very much!
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    Is anyone else in the UK having trouble accessing Digg? for the past two days i haven't been able to go on the site. I tried a proxy in the USA and got the site back fine, tried another proxy in the UK to test if it's my ISP and still didn't get any result.. Many thanks!
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    User closure

    Hi! If possible could you please delete this user account, along with all the threads i have posted. It's a great forum and i totally recommend it to anyone interesting in web hosting, but i have moved on from it now and when you search my real name in google all you get is page after...
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    .Com Domain

    Hey!! :) I have never bought a .com domain before only .co.uk i just want to know someone could give me details on average prices, recommended registrars, and about renewal. I understand with .co.uk you have for two years then then recieve a letter asking you to renew its something like £5 for...
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    Live streaming / Im am looking for..

    Hello!! I am starting an online streaming service (could be classed as an online TV channel) and i am looking for live / recorded shows to broadcast. This could be anything from relaying your current live stream, streaming webcams, news and all ready prepared media. The channel will...