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    Unmanaged or Managed VPS

    Basically, I need a VPS that has 4GB ram, the space can be as little as 5GB or 10GB. Bandwidth has to be at least 10Mbps unmetered or an allotted amount (reasonable) at 100Mbps. Price Range: 20-30$ a month.
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    Request hosting

    That was just the Database, Counting avatars, files, random mods. But Its not close to 5GB probably... 2GB
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    789MB [Review..]

    Not a troll, And Actually I'm not mean. I was honest, and If you read the first line of my review it says I was bored. It would have been good If I actually had a good experience fortunately I didn't.
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    Free hosting for programmer.

    Yes I know, Java is static while php is dynamic. but php does have support for oop my whole point..
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    FREE 500MB File Hosting - FREE Premium Account!

    15453KB of 174133sent @ 5503KBPS Now Just to see How fast I can download from you.. 192kb/s my max is wayyy over that... =/ --------------------------------------- Also, The ajax on the navigation = Way too much.. It got annoying having to click and click and click over and over just to click...
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    freeweb7 7GB space, 70 GB bw,mysql

    Have you read your own TOS?
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    Free hosting for programmer.

    You said it didn't have OOP, it has support for OOP and so does php 4, it might not be A OOP language, but it has support for oop. Which is what I stated. ------------------------------------------------ http://www.devarticles.com/c/a/PHP/Object-Oriented-Programming-in-PHP/...
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    Free hosting for programmer.

    PHP does have OOP, Look more into it.
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    [help] change layout without php?

    http://www.dynamicdrive.com/dynamicindex9/stylesheetswitcher.htm -- End -- Also, Tell her to switch hosting providers.
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    Mrpanda.Net [review]

    I'll do a review if you want.. Might take me some time to see if they or him will let me.
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    789MB [Review..]

    Here is a quote from the email i got back from LayeredPanel: And to Paul: So sorry to hear that you don't want me to review your hosting. I don't mind at all that you feel that way. I respect your opinion, and will respect what you asked me not to do so don't worry.
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    789MB [Review..]

    Thanks and to nick, I know, layeredpanel has some problems hopefully they will fix them in future releases. Also, I wasn't really comparing you but, If people want I will review your service. I have time on my hand sometimes and I'd be glad to do it. I will review more sites. Also; Cpanel is...
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    789MB [Review..]

    Its called reviewing a host. It's not about being fair. I was fair when I joined up to start the review and I was honest on all my opinions in my post. If you think thats unfair in some way. Then that is your sole opinion. The account was for reviewing purposes. No where in his TOS does it say...
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    789MB [Review..]

    Actually.. Not complaining. If it went well; I would have done a good review. The host comes on here. So he will probably read this. I was just reviewing it for people who were thinking about going there to hear what I thought and what I tested and what problems I may have or may not have had...
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    789MB [Review..]

    So, I got bored actually that happens a lot. I was reading this post made by a person advertising their site which is a lot better and ad free than other sites. Mind you, I like the layout its very... Web 1.9 ish.. 2.0 not really; Although, you know as they say. The design really isn't...
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    Please Review my site HotFreePHP.Com

    This site looks like it was made back in 2004. Im going to have to rate it a 2-3. Because, the Icons are really outdated, the design is very obtrusive and to just plain say it... ugly. But, Its a nice Idea. Just not a nice layout.
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    Anime Wallpaper Depot

    I started this off my own collection of wallpapers that I find across the net that I like. I just wonder what do you think about the design. When I get ready I'll buy a fit TLD domain. I scripted the site myself, so all the scripting is copyright to me. I did this in my spare time and based...
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    Shrink.in - Shrink Your Link!

    Looks great but, your text inputs could be larger not the padding around them, the length of them and the height, make the text a bit bigger if you know what I mean cause the padding like eats your text inputs. Also, I agree with Amit, on the ads but the one above it. Not as much. I like the...
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    ImageHosted.net - Free Image Hosting

    Yes lots of white space, see my site: http://animelineage.com There is a lot of white space but it surrounds the content as where yours is mainly stocking up at the bottom and right. Thats all I can say for your site. I is fast and does look good, just too much white space. Not that its a bad...