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    Javascript: Concatenate passed variable to name of form element?

    Hi, Say I have a form with elements 'textbox1' thru to 'textbox10'. I am trying to use a javascript function to pass the returned row ID from an SQL database for example: <input type="text" name="textbox1" value="" onclick="javascript:functionname(<?= $sql_rowid ?>)" /> I want to be...
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    Security - Firing off commands as root from the web?

    I would like to know how secure the follow procedure to execute a command as root would be, and if any mods could be made to better it, or if a better procedure to do this exists?: Connect to an SSL enabled website which requires login authentication against an SQL database. Input and...
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    I'm in LOVE

    Open-source GoogleOS... i'd like to see that :p
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    i couldnt resist...

    yeh if only tamagotchis had infrared capabilities wen they were a craze bak in my primary skool days... i could sit it behind my laptop n hav it babysit for me, somehow lol. blank verse, perhaps the next squirel u hit u could sell it as a 'collect them all!' kinda thing? just a thought...
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    i couldnt resist...

    im sure we've seen all the stupid auctions on ebay of ppl selling themselves as the ex-boyfriend u neva had... their virginity... etc.. i've decided to participate in this madness to sell my deceased virtual pet/tamagotchi...
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    Forum Sites WILL BE DELETED!!

    unless you can give me a good plausible reason just y i wouldnt, then yes.
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    ThE LongesT ThreaD EveR

    *burp* where am i?
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    Only in Australia...

    oddly enuff, skippy's eyes in that photo look remarkably similar to the 2nd guy's in the foto for the weekend with the 4 blokes on ebay...
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    My new website!

    I look at your site and i am confused... I don't quite understand what you mean by a 'webmasters' site, do you mean it has tutorials and helpful information for HTML code and various other nicks and nacs? I just could not work that out, especially when your using a call of duty template for...
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    Happy Australia Day!

    ha, had me some KFC for dinner. yep.. very australian of me... lol.
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    i would like to commend you on your use of XHTML 1.1 to achieve that design. VALID XHTML 1.1 i might add. The w3.org validator picked up 5 ampersands (&), in the document. They all occurred within hyperlinks. I havn't dabbled with XHTML 1.1 as yet, but if the same rules apply from XHTML 1.0 then...
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    Forum Sites WILL BE DELETED!!

    Did this really need to be brought up... again? i mean, like for the 999,999th time? Unlimited is the same as the length of a piece of string. To end this once and for all: And not everything has limits. For instance, i have no limits on my home network's bandwidth... Can we just stay...
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    Forum Sites WILL BE DELETED!!

    Most are undeserving of mine and others' unlimited bandwidth All forums i hav encounted have been easy to use, afterall most of the popular ones such as vBulletin, IPB, PHPBB... look very similar. I agree that the freewebspace.net forums are ace, and actually have purpose, which is why i have...
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    Firefox 1.5 Released

    I believe this is a misconception. Firefox does not protect against viruses. It merely attempts to block it through its security settings, which i believe are existant in most modern browsers. Although, they may not be configured accordingly.
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    Your Age

    LEGALLY. I'm pretty sure in oz, the age restriction of sex dnt apply if both people are < 16. Who writes these crap laws? 18 for porn, 16 for sex... does any1 else c wats wrong with that??? Its 18 for license with a 0.0 blood alcohol level. So we can drink and drive at 18yrs old, without...
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    php manual joke quote

    i think i remember reading some crap jokes at w3school's website somewhere... lame.
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    the OSI model is theoretically useful for troubleshooting. i vaugly see how it is, but to troubleshoot i'd b referin to other knowledge. @heymrdj: nice usage of copy + paste earlier on.
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    OSI 'modules'? OSI is an ideal networking MODEL. IMO the OSI model is a waste of time learning in depth. i seriously cant believe you have never needed to refer to it. Ever wondered why they call a Layer 2 or 3 switch a Layer 2 or 3 switch? because they work on layer 2 or 3 of the OSI model...
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    I see these post2host crap just a way to populate a host's forum with members giving them an appearance of having contributing members. If i was running a hosting company with a forum i would want my members to actually want to be their contributing to discussions rather than posting mindless...
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    No... this is called laziness. Coding your own scripts is an art. I picked up a bit of PHP coding with no knowledge of programming when i was about 15 so the age issue has no relevance. Yes, and when they go down and you've been too lazy to implement a SQL backup regeme' and your last backup...