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    cpanel hosting for 2 accounts (domains)

    not on the free account but you can with a paid account..use coupon code "spring" to get 99% off your first month.
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    cpanel hosting for 2 accounts (domains)

    http://technihost.com/freehosting.html give that a look and let me know what you think.
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    Need help advertising

    My criticizing your website don't take it personal just doing it to assist you. 1. Fixed the misspelled words. 2. Get rid of the free .tk domain and buy a commercial domain. 3. Your motto "Do you have milk"? Has something to do with the domain name but nothing to do with hosting. 4. Work on a...
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    Review this baby, metaskim

    Thats a pretty nice site, deff. for people who like to keep updated with everything.
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    Needed a Good & reliable Hosting

    Hello, Here is what Techni Host can offer you! 5,000 Mb Of Diskspace 10,000 Mb Of Bandwidth cPanel 11 Fantastico Instant Setup Unlimited Emails, Ftp's, MySQL's and more! $1.00 Per Month! User Promo Code 50off to get 50% off your first month! That means you get all of that for just .50$ cents...
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    Ralph Chastain is Back FRom SELLWHM

    i wasn't referring to you by the way check your rep. I apologize that you think i was talking to you but i didn't even see your name when i was reading before. "I see why you thought i was referring to you i said all 3 that just posted. I mean the 2 that posted under the names rlshosting and...
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    Ralph Chastain is Back FRom SELLWHM

    You would be surprised people get banned all the time because of it.
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    Ralph Chastain is Back FRom SELLWHM

    i think the mods should check the ip's to both of the accounts that just posted to make sure that he's not just posting that to get everyone to believe that. its kinda wierd that they all posted one right after another. if im wrong i apologize not to sellwhm but to the rlshosting guy
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    Need help advertising

    Offer it under the same url that way customers start to recognize your url. maybe put the shared and free under 2 different servers though. Like shared on one server and the free on a complete separate server.
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    Need VPS

    I agree that you don't need a VPS to run this script. I can offer you a VPS or Shared hosting! Below is what we can offer you! Vps Hosting ---- Vps 128 -- 5 GB Diskspace 50 Gb Bandwidth 128 Mb Ram 3 Free Ip's $10.99 / Month View Now ---------- Shared Hosting --- 5 GB...
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    Who loves windows 7?

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    Techni Host Now Offers VPS deals!

    We want to let you know that we have now expanded our solutions from Shared and Reseller to Shared, Reseller and VPS solutions. We are working on deals to start selling Dedicated servers as well! Keep checking back for more information on Techni Hosthttp://www.technihost.com WebSite | Shared...
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    Who loves windows 7?

    I hate windows 7 and vista! Go linux
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    Need help advertising

    Offer free hosting or some kind of other product that will bring customers. Treat them right and they will post reviews. Don't expect your business to blow up in the first year because it won't happen. Plan on spending your own money to keep it going and sooner or later it will level out if you...
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    Water Demands

    I don't care what anyone says. In my opinion, we are not going to run out of water. There is more water then land. If it comes down to it drink the rain water that falls from the sky, melt down an ice cycle! Something, there is always going to be water in my opinion! But as stated, that's just...
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    Ralph Chastain is Back FRom SELLWHM

    I know this guy, he changes domains like a normal person changes underwear. Total Scammer
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    $20 First Month Dedicated Server | 10% Off VPS

    do you guys have a live support so i can contact you.
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    Best domain name reseller

    whats the best domain name reseller?
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    Need free hosting support curl and cron

    I can offer you 500 megs of space and 1 gb of bandwidth with cPanel message me or check out http://technihost.com/freehosting.html if you NEED more bandwidth i can create you a custom package...not a problem just contact me via live support
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    Free Complimentary Web Hosting Package! cPanel | Emails | Ftp |

    We are constantly working on making our support better as well as the ease of navigation on our site! Thanks for the great feedback!