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  1. J

    I need the best web hosting solution at affordable price?

    Not sure if you're still looking but I've been looking at these recently...http://www.2mhost.com
  2. J

    What is your favorite car?

    I know that they are a pretty useless car in real life, but I'd love a Delorean. My family are from the part of Ireland where they made them, and the BTTF movies are my childhood.
  3. J

    Looking for cloud hosting

    Might not be what you're after, but some friends said some pretty positive things about the cloud services provided by http://website.1and1.com/ Good luck!
  4. J

    Gmail vs Hotmail - Which is better?

    Recently had to look in my old Hotmail account for something, and it was just a mess of spam. Gmail does a much better job of keeping that kind of thing at bay.
  5. J

    need help choosing a simple shopping cart service on my photography site

    Came here to recommend a buy Paypal Buy Now' button. Least hassle for all parties involved. Site looks great Ian, best of luck!
  6. J

    high alexa reputation - what are the benefits?

    I think the importance of Alexa ranking has been taken out of proportion. Nowadays it keeps people who make Alexa ranking extensions/toolbars in a job. :lol:
  7. J

    Do you believe that ... ?

    I think it's about as safe and secure as it's possible to get online. But as Ritz said, they are probably under constant attack. Ultimately, very little is completely safe and secure online nowadays.
  8. J

    Do u Like freewebspace ?

    New here, but i think I like it!
  9. J

    What Are You Listening To!

    Dinosaur Jr!
  10. J

    Do you believe that ... ?

    I've heard horror stories from friends before about Paypal, but that's worrying. I've never had any problem using them, but I still avoid them when I can.
  11. J

    Company/Corporation of your dreams

    It would either be something in the comics or music industry. Running an independent comic company would be pretty cool. So many interesting stories being told that not enough people get to see, being a pat of that would be fun. Or running an independent record store. I used to work in one...
  12. J

    do you have an account in Linked in ??

    I set up an account years ago, never used it. But I get constant emails from them, and people inviting me to use it. Bit annoying.
  13. J


    Thanks man! It is, but a bit of luck and a LOT of hard work make it worthwhile.
  14. J


    that's a fine way to make money. Bit of freelance writing. Difficult, but I like the freedom it provides.
  15. J

    do you like animated movie ??

    orysan 2339 Pixar make some of the best movies out there nowadays. Studio Ghibli are also wonderful.