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    Looking for free hosting? Minted Host Services is back Mintedhost.net

    Actually we where just testing zpanel before launching but we are aware of the security it has. We decided to go for Cpanel and not using zpanel on any of our servers. Hope that clears your concern. NOTE: Just noticed I put the word zpanel above. My mistake.
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    Looking for free hosting? Minted Host Services is back Mintedhost.net

    Hello there, Minted Host Services is back to offer you with a reliable and free host, all you have to do is to make a couple of post per month to receive a reliable service. You will count with 24 hours support for your needs. You can contact us via forum, live chat, email. Whichever is best...
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    Post to Host --- vlexhost.com --- Come join us!

    Thanks for the wishes. :)
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    Post to Host --- vlexhost.com --- Come join us!

    Hello everyone. Are you looking for free host? We can host you by posting a couple of post on our forums. NOTICE: Vlexhost.com has now partnered with mintedhost.net We do own both domains and as well our servers. We only acquired the domain Re directions for vlexhost.com now take you to...
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    P4H Hosting -- Vlexhost.com -- Hosting your dreams!

    Really? Can you tell me what kind of error? Thanks btw
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    P4H Hosting -- Vlexhost.com -- Hosting your dreams!

    We are glad to let the public know that Vlex Host has open to offer you with P4H cpanel hosting. Our goal is to be a different hosting, we care a lot about giving every single user a 24/7 support as well free plan users. What we are P4H and not totally free? To be honest think about...
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    What is Your Dream Country?

    I had always wanted to visit Paris or Spain.
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    Do you have a smartphone?

    Yes! I have a galaxy s3 and I surf the internet the most on it.
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    Face book

    I had noticed that facebook is not that secure but at the end of the day social network is to share it with friends.
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    What do you use the most for using internet, Mobile or Laptop?

    I use my phone to browse the internet. I spend around 15GB every month. I use my phone because i have it on the go.
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    Need live chat software for our website

    I used livezilla too and I will say is a good script and works pretty well.
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    Do you have a smartphone?

    Yes i do have one and I use it more than my computer. Lol
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    Best free webhosting panel?

    Personally I had use kloxo and find it a good software that works but my choice will be cpanel.
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    Uptime guarantee

    I believe the samething. Its kind of hard to predict the uptime. But i guess people always tend to look the uptime history before getting in any hosting.
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    tech staff

    Someone with experience is a must. I always choose people who are willing to dedicate sometime and that know what they are doing.
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    Best Live chat software

    I prefer livezilla but lately they decided to make it a paid software. It doesn't surprised me because it's a great software.
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    Linux vs windows hosting

    Totally agree, always used linux on every vps i had own. It is easy use and reliable.