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    What are the best Melbourne Registrars?

    Thanks in advance. :wave:
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    review my music site please

    The design could be improved, but the concept is really nice. I'm using it right now.
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    *Valve-Hosting.com* Up to 5GB,CPanel , *Free Domains*

    Was not informed of any details on ad placement and was banned within a week for not having the ads up. Searched the forums for "ads", couldn't find anything. After I'd looked everywhere, I finally found the code burried in a support thread, but my account was already suspended at that point...
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    Valve-Hosting.Com ,Free, CPanel, Up to 5GB Storage 15Gb B/W, Fantastico etc

    Your hosting sounds fantastic! The design is great too.
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    There is such a thing as unlimited

    What the thread starter is saying is that there is no realistic limit.
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    Finding a free .com.ru domain

    Are there any sites which register them without 10 day confirmation and without the need to already have nameservers ready? I need DNS, but I'd like the domain before I find a suitable host.
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    :: 200mb :: Massive Bandwidth :: No Ads :: Super Stable Servers ::

    It's been more than three days. I don't know whether to register with a new host or what.
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    200Mb Webspace, 10Gb B/W, PHP & MySQL, Instant Activation, Cpanel + FREE Email

    Sounds great! I probably will sign up right now, but tell me you don't have horrible downtime like another certain host i just registered at (been offline for 6 or 7 days). It's very annoying when you submit to directories and next thing your host shuts down. That can ruin any future chance...
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    Don't waste your time with hosts going bankrupt!

    I like your service Zaboa, but I am not happy with all of the downtime lately. It's been offline for at least 3 days. I get the feeling that you may have shut down and lost all data. If that is the case, then please realise what that actually causes your members. They then need to find a new...
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    :: 200mb :: Massive Bandwidth :: No Ads :: Super Stable Servers ::

    Is more space available if we are doing well?
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    Hosting with Coppermine

    I want a gallery as an addition to my main site, so it will generate traffic. I'm really not too familiar with filesizes, so maybe 100mb to start with and extra as I request it? (Wouldn't be more than 200mb) The bandwidth should be ~2gb Thankyou
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    Host Needed Quickly. Please Read

    Hello there. I have previously checked out your plans and am concerned that I might not gain the required traffic.
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    I am looking for a free domain alt to .tk

    www.nic.co.sr is a good redirection service. Also www.joynic.com offer all of the below- http://www.your-name.us.tt http://www.your-name.uk.tt http://www.your-name.ca.tt http://www.your-name.eu.tt http://www.your-name.es.tt http://www.your-name.fr.tt...
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    Host Needed Quickly. Please Read

    Hi everyone, I was hosted with Bizari for a long while, but they've had many problems and I would like to switch to another host. I have a backup of my forum database containing 10000~ posts and am in need of a new host to restore my forums too. I will need- 300mb space 5gb bandwidth 3...
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    Free Hosting for Redirection Service

    That's great. Thanks Thomas. I will get back to you if, for some reason, Ako does not decide to host me.
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    Free Hosting for Redirection Service

    Oh No! Now who do I go with? :)
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    Free Hosting for Redirection Service

    No Ako, yours sounds OK, I just don't have MSN at the moment. We can discuss this over PM's or even here if you feel OK with that.
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    Free Hosting for Redirection Service

    The reasons you stated were correct. If you are offering, I wouldn't mind being hosted on your reseller at all, that would be fantastic. As long as you have good uptime, I'd be really happy with that!