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  1. J

    Bad news for free hosting providers.

    I guess this explains why I have 3 pending payments from them. Guess this is the end of a good affiliate program for me.. anyone else not getting paid for referrals anymore?
  2. J

    What host(s) offer the best affiliate programs?

    I've been doing well lately with hostnine - and I've always done well with ipage and fatcow
  3. J

    PageRank prediction. PR Predictor Tool

    Actually, this one seems to be pretty accurate. Every site I check seems to right where I'd wager it should be. Sure, they don't know Google algorithms but they can extrapolate based on current sites and page ranks.
  4. J

    Need Small Hosting For Wordpress

    0000free can offer you quality free hosting 1 GB space, 10 GB bandwidth, and if you message me on our free hosting forum I can adjust the rest of the limits as needed for you after you sign up :)
  5. J

    U mad?

    Do people really still get mad on the internet?
  6. J

    Netherlands Based Hosting for White Hat Hacking Site

    And here I thought it was hackers that went around in silly white hats :)
  7. J

    Microsoft Closing Down Two Things...

    Since I used neither (like the other 99.99999999999999999999999999999% of people), I am not affected lol
  8. J

    Minimal hosting

    Yeah, he's a good choice, seems to be very reliable. If you don't take his offer, 0000free can offer you the following free hosting package 1000MB space 10000MB bandwidth (less would be fine, but I want to make sure) PHP Cpanel FTP accounts Subdomain and free domain choices
  9. J

    Free hosting

    0000free.com offers free PHP hosting built to the best possible configuration for usability and security. Coupled with either MySQL or PostgreSQL, our PHP configuration gives you the best possible options to build a powerful site. Our free hosting also includes the following features: 1000...
  10. J

    I'm looking for something more secure

    Well, how are they breaking in? Are they using a password or a script exploit. Check the access logs for the site to see what they are doing. Sounds like it may be password sniffing or malware - do you always access with a secure URL?
  11. J

    Portfolio host requested

    0000free.com can offer the following.. 1gb of space (at least) 3 MySql databases ftp access No ads ever (although a text link is always appreciated) no post to host sign up for free hosting here
  12. J

    Recommend script/software for this type of site

    thanks for the tip, I was not familiar with that plugin till you mentioned it
  13. J

    Safest way to enter partnerships?

    Or don't use partners, use employees.
  14. J

    not sure what to do

    Were the MySQL problems due to resource abuse? If so, then free hosting is not for you. Otherwise, if the forum is just going to be small, then yes, free hosting should be fine.
  15. J

    (Free hosts) Do you back up your client's accounts?

    Yes, I do weekly - currently using cpanel uncompressed backups to a large backup drive on each machine.
  16. J

    I am happy to join

    Welcome :)
  17. J

    Free hosting control panel for CentOS 5?

    There are a lot of "free" ones, but none as good as the paid ones. While direct admin is not as good as cPanel, it can be had cheaply, and is much better than the free ones.
  18. J

    Will this kill me?

    Looks pretty dangerous, don't picture it handling well, particularly with the stretched swing-arm. Just take it easy and learn it's limits. Of course that's coming from someone who rides a Hayabusa with 182 horsepower at the rear wheel :D
  19. J

    Reseller from someone I can rely on...

    So you want free hosting for free hosting? That's odd *shrugs*