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  1. RadixHosting

    Zend & IonCube: Cracked or not?

    Didn't I explicitly ask NOT to post links to websites offering such services? And second, you registered here just so you could give us that link? Kind of makes me think that you work for that site and are trying to advertise. Just my 2 cents.
  2. RadixHosting

    Simple Hosting Request

    Hello xter, Maybe you should look for a small affordable VPS? This way you can install your own software. I'm afraid it'll be hard to find a host running MySQL 3 these days. Best regards, Josh
  3. RadixHosting

    Temperary Backup Space Needed - URGENT

    I have a spare HD available on my server. This way you can store your backups on my server without interfering with the rest of my data. It's got about 200GB. How much do you need? And what kind of assistance are you looking for? Thanks
  4. RadixHosting

    hosting request

    Hello surreal, You might be interested in one of the following web hosting packages: RadixONE: 3000MB Disk Space - 30GB Monthly Transfer - $3.00/month RadixTWO: 6000MB Disk Space - 60GB Monthly Transfer - $6.00/month RadixTHREE: 9000MB Disk Space - 90GB Monthly Transfer - $9.00/month...
  5. RadixHosting

    Still looking for a reliable hosting company

    Hello shedrock, I'm sorry to hear you have such bad experience with small hosting providers. We are all aware that there are many of those out there. Because you have had so much bad experiences I find it reasonable to believe that you will not easily trust someone offering "30 day money back...
  6. RadixHosting

    Hosting needed - no oversellers!

    Hello Hurley, I can offer you a custom package that meets your requirements for $22.00/month. Is that within your budget? If so, I will post further details about my offer. Also, are those proxies web based PHP and/or CGI proxies? Otherwise I'm afraid I can't help you since we do not allow...
  7. RadixHosting

    Shared hosting needed (specific spec's)

    Hello Adam, After carefully reading your request, I would like to offer you our RadixTWO shared hosting package: RadixTWO 6000MB Disk Space 60GB Monthly Transfer $6.00/month Our servers are located in the SoftLayer datacenter, near downtown Dallas, US. We currently accept payments...
  8. RadixHosting

    Basic & Reliable Hosting Needed

    Hello Maschine, Well, here's a list of TLD's we can register for you: https://secure.radixhosting.com/clients/domainchecker.php Does this contain everything you require? Best regards, Josh Burt
  9. RadixHosting

    Basic & Reliable Hosting Needed

    Hello Maschine, What exactly do you mean by "support for international domains"? Below that you mention that you want to be able to register domain names at your webhost. What TLD's (extensions) do you want to register domains on? Best regards, Josh Burt
  10. RadixHosting

    Something feels wrong

    Yes but that is because they spend a fortune on marketing ;) Not a host but a different example: Apple? ... Always found that a strange name.
  11. RadixHosting

    Another Day

    Why don't you use an anti-fraud service or do phone verification before you activate orders? Just a simple call to verify their order will filter most of the fraud as all fraudulent orders have fake phone numbers.
  12. RadixHosting

    Is this safe?

    As of which version?
  13. RadixHosting

    dns help

    I'm a bit confused by your post. What domain are you talking about? And what IP address should it point to? I recommend using DIG to check what happens exactly. It'll give you a clue on which nameserver is responding authoritatively and is telling you the IP address.
  14. RadixHosting

    Is this safe?

    No need to suspend/terminate. They are simply trying to access cPanel on port 80 using Apache mod_proxy. Probably because they need to access cPanel somewhere where a firewall blocks port 2082. Their method won't work though, since cPanel uses a lot of URL's (for links and images) relative to...
  15. RadixHosting

    Streaming Web Site

    That simply doesn't exist. If someone offers you that, he's just after some quick cash and he'll kick you off the server once your site starts consuming more than a couple of GB. Also, please read the sticky threads before posting. It's not allowed to request unlimited disk space and/or...
  16. RadixHosting

    Might be looking for hosting.

    Dear Jester2893, You might be interested in our RadixTWO package. RadixTWO 6000MB Disk Space 60GB Monthly Transfer $6.00/month We do not offer a free domain name at the moment, but something better. If you pay yearly you can use our summer coupon code "ANNUAL", which will get you 30%...
  17. RadixHosting

    Remote access of mysql

    Dear wahyan, We allow remote MySQL access on all our packages. What are you looking for exactly and what is your budget? Best regards, Josh Burt
  18. RadixHosting

    Need Wildcard DNS

    Dear azoundria, In case you are still looking for an alternative offer, I can offer you the following web hosting package: RadixONE 3000MB Disk Space 30GB Monthly Transfer $3.00/month This package includes unlimited MySQL databases, cPanel 11, PHP5, cron jobs, etc. We will setup the...
  19. RadixHosting

    Hosting needed

    Dear eg0_, Our company address is listed on all invoices. I will send you a private message on this forum with the address you were looking for. Best regards, Josh Burt
  20. RadixHosting

    Hosting needed

    Dear eg0_, After carefully reading your request I would like to offer the following shared web hosting package: RadixONE 3000MB Disk Space 30GB Monthly Transfer $3.00/month (= $9.00 quarterly, we accept Moneybookers) I realise that this package is more than you require, but it is the...