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  1. J

    i need program like adsense

    The next best to adsense would be YPN I think. Have you tried that if you are in the US obviously.
  2. J

    CPM advertising

    There is, but then you will be looking at popups/unders mainly unless you get direct advertisers on your adsense ads which can be over $2 cpm.
  3. J

    Bidvertiser - Fraud or not?

    I would say that Google Adsense is way better than bidvertiser. Bidvertiser doesn't even come close to it. But then that's just me and others have different opinions.
  4. J

    Adsense earners!!!!

    Why would he/she be asking this if he/she worked at Google. All he/she would have to do is look at the stats within their own adsense program to figure out peoples earnings and from which urls.
  5. J

    Looking for CPM

    ValueClickmedia and paypopup pays via paypal.
  6. J

    i need program like adsense

    Adsense is the best followed by YPN I would say. Not sure if they have fixed their targeting of ads yet though, but if you are from the US, then YPN is probably your next best choice.
  7. J

    Best Pay Per Impression Program?

    There are a few good CPM networks out there. Valueclick is a good one, paypopup is alright aswell. ValueClick pays more on banner ads though.
  8. J

    Google update

    The next Toolbar PR update will not be for the next couple of days and if not the next couple of weeks. That's what Matt Cutts said anyway. It said he would be doubtful if it will update until them times that I have given do to an algorithm update that will be happening soon.
  9. J

    Questions ~ CPC and just questions

    Is your site about entertainment or is it an arcade type of site. If it is then you are looking around the $0.01 - $0.12 mark on cpc. I would say your CTR is a little on the low side.
  10. J

    Deltis and Popupad Not paid?

    I can't see them being a scam. I'm very doubtful. I deal with thousands of affiliate programs and have been paid from activsearch search which they own. I've been paid from that site twice now without fail. that's over $500 worth of commissions.
  11. J

    Google, TLA or Clicksor?

    If you don't get any traffic, then it would be TLA's, but you have to try and get into it first. If you can't get into it then it would be Adsense, but then you have to get the direct advertisers selecting your website for clicks. If you don't think you will get any clicks, then I would...
  12. J

    Best Ad Revenue Programs - Look Here First!

    There are many good cpm and cpc programs. The best I would say is Adsense followed by YPN. Can't fault them 2 that much apart from Adsense beats YPN with flying colors until they do a lot more improvements.
  13. J

    Services similar to PayPal?

    That's the sort of error you would get on most ecommerce sites cvnleong, when you type in a card that is invalid. It's most probably because your address or name doesn't quite match what's on the card or the card number or something.
  14. J

    Suggest a good one for Proxy website

    Paypopup if you want to use popups. The larger CPM ad networks will not accept you I wouldn't think so they are out of the question. How much traffic you get?
  15. J

    best alternative to adsense that doesn't require an application?

    You've just answered the reason why you got banned from Adsense and will likely to get banned from most other CPC programs. It's the fact that all you friends and school people are using it. All these people are in the same area and the school may even be all on the same ip. Now it just looks to...
  16. J

    best alternative to adsense that doesn't require an application?

    I guess your sites not in the major search engines then or you have done any advertising for it apart from telling your school friends about it.
  17. J

    Services similar to PayPal?

    Yep, that's why I never use IE as it is definately on something. MB's is good, but I think you have to be over 18 with that one.
  18. J

    google ad formats?

    I never use image or video ads. I use the text ads only. I find they are the best. The format I use depends on the layout of my page and it's design. These are normally skyscraper ads, leaderboards or them square type ads. I have never show the small ad with one little ad in it though. I just...
  19. J

    best alternative to adsense that doesn't require an application?

    Why's it only active during the school years and nights. Don't you get any other traffic coming from the US, Internatonal, etc. Also, hope you have some success, but if you really want a good affiliate program then the process is what you should be looking for. The harder it is to get into an...
  20. J

    Google, Adbrite, Clicksor, Bidvertiser, YPN. Which one?

    I don't think Yahoo has ever dominated the market. Definately not out of the US anyway.