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    NEED: Emergency Data Storage

    Also, we have to be able to FTP in, to store the data. Only need this storage for max 48 hours.
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    NEED: Emergency Data Storage

    And when I say a lot of data, I mean anywhere from 100 to 200 GB
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    NEED: Emergency Data Storage

    I need as much as you can offer me, on a server in the USA with a fast connection. We are being severely affected by the AlphaRed shut down, and we need to offload a lot of data to a remote and secure server VERY temporarily. Please respond here, or call 18665722533 and dial extension 801 to...
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    Tired of Hosting -- Let us take over your clients, and you can keep half the revenue!

    Racked Hosting is looking to further expand it's customer base and take over some hosting clients. This deal is too good to be true for you! If you have a few hosting clients that are on a server or a reseller account, and you are simply not making any money with the expenses, send me an...
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    hosting request

    Hey! We've been in business for 6 years and are going strong! We have recently relaunched our shared hosting packages, after concentrating on shoutcast hosting and dedicated servers for 2 years. I can offer you a free demo for 3 months! 2 GB Space 75 GB Bandwidth $5/m after 3 months Head on...
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    Custom Clan Hosting Request

    Hi there! If your looking for reliable hosting, give our services a try! Our Small package includes the following: 2 GB Disk Space 75 GB Bandwidth Cpanel Hosting $5/m! Plus, with our current promotion, we will give you 3 months FREE right off the bat, no credit card required! This way you...
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    Shoutcast hosting needed

    Hey, Check out Racked Hosting. We program our own control panel (SCPanel), and have great priced metered and unmetered packages to suit your needs. 100 GB metered package starts at only $9.99! (128 kbps, max 500 listeners) If you send me an email (mike@rackedhosting.com), I will give you 1...
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    Super FAST Host needed (Mysql 4.21,PHP5)

    Give Racked Hosting a try, with 3 months free, no commitment no credit card! Our Minimum packages givers you 2 GB Space 75 GB Bandwidth $5/m Head on over tohttp://www.rackedhosting.com/shared%20hosting.php, click on the $5 package, and type in the coupon CRAZY34FREE. Your account will be...
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    Shared hosting needed (specific spec's)

    Give RackedHosting a try. I'll give you up to 3 months free on some of my packages to try it out. I would recommend our RH200 package. 5 GB Space 200 GB Bandwidth $10 USD/m To sign up with instant activation, head to: http://www.rackedhosting.com/shared%20hosting.php Type in...
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    Beat my current plan and I'll move to you!

    My $0.30 offer still stands lol
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    Mirror Site .:. 6GB .:. Legal FLV's .:. List Of All Videos

    Try out RackedHosting for free. I'll give you 2 free monnths of 5 GB space, 75 GB bandwidth. At least It will get you started. Visit: http://www.rackedhosting.com/shared%20hosting.php Click on RH 200 Type in coupon CRAZY24FREE. You'll get instant setup, and you can try out the service. No...
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    3 MONTHS FREE - Crazy Giveaway! No credit card required!

    RackedHosting LLC 1-866-5RACKED sales@rackedhosting.com So, were back in the shared hosting game, and were giving away some premium shared hosting, with instant setup! Lets break it down for ya, then i'll toss the link! We are offering free hosting for 3, 2 and 1 months respectively, with no...
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    Looking for a shoutcast host

    If you are just starting out, I have some great shoutcast packages, with top notch support. It would include our own SCpanel product as a control panel! 500 listeners and 100 GB bandwidth starts at only $9.99/m. We have over 100 people on this package alone! This is the perfect package if...
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    Streaming Web Site

    I can offer you a powerful Xeon Server with 2 TB disk space, and 75 Mbps flatfee for $900/m. This server would be in Europe. PM for details.
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    Beat my current plan and I'll move to you!

    Hmm, How about 2 GB space 20 GB bandwidth for $0.30/m? Only for you because your cheap. Pm me.
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    Aahosted.com :: Free cPanel hosting offering 1TB space and 1TB Bandwidth!

    Hey, cool! He's from Saskatchewan, so am I! Anyways, I don't think asking your to signup for a forum for some free webhosting is a big task. For that amount of resources it's the least you could do for this person. I think it wasn't smart of you to post all of your private information on...
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    Mike from RH

    Hey, My name is Mike I work at RackedHosting. It has been a while since I have gotten into the forums to make some web hosting offers. My staff and I have been in business for 5 years and going strong. We hit our rough patches, but now we are running strong and more profitable then ever...
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    Hosting for a 2nd hand car sales site

    Hello, I can offer you reliable web hosting with top notch support. 1 GB Diskspace 5 GB Bandwidth $8/m or $70/year Email me mike@rackedhosting.com for more information, or for a setup link.
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    Basic & Reliable Hosting Needed

    My company can provide high quality, reliable web hosting. We mainly focus on streaming services and dedicated servers, but I'll offer webhosting to a few here and there. 3 GB Diskspace 20 GB Bandwidth Cpanel/Fantastico Toll Free Support $12/m or $100/yr Email mike@rackedhosting.com for...