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    Rabidhosting.com Is Back!

    Not Anima but Anime :) Porn? If you're talking about sites that offer hentai stuff, then I understand your concern. But it's the same as with non-anime websites: some people put porn pictures on their sites, but others put pictures of beautiful models in swim-suits. You can forbid pictures of...
  2. K

    Rabidhosting.com Is Back!

    That's very interesting, especially when I look at your forums: PHPBB v2.0.9...
  3. K

    connection limits?

    I think that the best solution for you is FTP. Set up guest account with a limit of 1 seesion at a time, and all your problems should be solved. People wouldn't even need FTP client to download things. Just give them direct links like: ftp://guest:pass@mysite.com/file.avi or...
  4. K

    help me set up my phpmychat on my server

    What exactly do you have problem with? First, you must run setup.php3 from "chat" folder, and just follow the instructions. Most of things are done automatically, you only have to create one table (you can use phpMyAdmin for this). After everything is done, use phpMyChat.php3 if you want to...
  5. K

    100mb space, 1gb of bandwidth, no posts.

    They really offer 300GB (three hundred gigabytes) of bandwidth per month (yes, month) at www.dhost.info. I had an account there for few weeks, so I can tell you it's flaws: - you can use only theirs subdomain (www.dhost.info/you) or some sort of redirection; domains are not allowed - no...
  6. K

    H L 2 is out. That is all

    In Poland, they were in such a hurry with HL2, they put defective CDs in boxes :shame: Maybe they wanted to record them too quickly?? BTW: found on the net :biggrin2:
  7. K

    I Need 5 GB Webspace and 20 GB Bandwith

    It sounds like, in your opinion, hosting your site should be an honour for a hosting company. It doesn't work that way. For an account with 2GB of space, and 5GB bandwith/month you must usually pay more or less 100$ per year. In that case, why should anyone give it to you completely for free...
  8. K

    No Google Browser

    I wonder if that's really true... Well, I guess we'll see sooner or later. BTW: I just saw http://www.google.com/firefox. It seems google and mozilla like eachother :)
  9. K

    PHP Include - Call from root directory??

    So, if I understand correctly, your directory looks like this: -INCLUDES (DIR) ---nav.php -SITESTUFF (DIR) ---index.php In that case, try this in index.php: <? include("../includes/nav.php") ?> These two dots are telling PHP, that it should go back one folder, and search for...
  10. K

    Script for IPB 1.3 final or 1.3

    Aren't these limitations a little bit ridiculous? "I'm sorry, there's already 200 members. Until administrator pay us money, there's no way you can sign up here." I just made that up, but still...
  11. K

    Script for IPB 1.3 final or 1.3

    People are lazy these days :) v1.1.2 (look for invboard1_1_2.zip) v1.2 (look for attachement in the first message) I couldn't find 1.1.1 using google, but if you really need it, I think I have it somewhere on CD.
  12. K

    Script for IPB 1.3 final or 1.3

    You won't download it from official site, but there's no need to worry. Just enter "1p3p1Final.zip" in google :)
  13. K

    New face, New offers, Free Hosting & Free Domain

    "Created around the free domain"? I'm not sure what that means either. Anyway, I understand your reasons why you added such a requirement into ToS, but I still don't like it. It simply reminds me of dirty tricks people use to make you sign something you'll later regret. In my opinion, you...
  14. K

    New face, New offers, Free Hosting & Free Domain

    I'm not sure if I understand correctly this part (from ToS): So, let's assume that: - you give me hosting and register a domain for me - after some time I stop updating my site for some reason - you determine that's an abandoned site and you sell a domain you registered for me with the...
  15. K

    Free Website Hosting! 1GB Space/20GB Transfer! CPanel+Fantastico! NO ADS!!

    Don't click on the link - it's SPAM. You'll be transfered to http://www.---------.com.
  16. K


    I like BleachTalk.com very much (I visit it almost everyday :-) ). I like its simplicity and often updates. If I could suggest something, I would change the look of boxes "Download the latest Manga chapter" (BTW: does this button work properly?) and "Bittorrent Anime Downloads". It's a...
  17. K

    300MB Space/20GB Bandwidth Free cPanel Hosting - PHP, Perl, CGI, and unlimited MySQL

    I'm not sure if it was directed towards me, but I'm interested in offer - I just couldn't get in because of the ban.
  18. K

    300MB Space/20GB Bandwidth Free cPanel Hosting - PHP, Perl, CGI, and unlimited MySQL

    Oh? That's a nice welcome message, especially that it was the first time I visited sweetserver.net :confused4 Well, nevermind, maybe I'll write that e-mail next time I try to visit this site.
  19. K

    Free Services and mindless people.

    That's a little bit confusing for me. I understand your explanation of these numbers, but I wonder, why so many forums and portal systems insist during installation to change permissions of some files to 777?