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    Pandela - 99.99% Uptime , 3 Plan to Choose , No ADS

    At the mention of a flash control panel, I went to check it out since I've been planning on creating one. The control panel is great! Who made it?
  2. K

    2 gb 10 bw ?

    You need cPanel and Fantatico for a forum??
  3. K

    forced adds??

    yes, but you'd need to create a script or get one created. If you're using a control panel, it would be quite difficult.
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    You're right about Plesk, I felt quite out of place when using that. All control panels have something that they're really good for. For example, I find that DA is very good if you're a novice, cpanel and ensim are great for large, multifaceted projects, and zpanel is best all around if you...
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    GoFreeHost.com <---- Reviews

    I'll give this host a few weeks. Depends on how long it takes for someone to upload enough porn and warez.
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    3 gb space 100 gb bandwith (domain)

    You will get no stable free host for this.
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    Scam Hosts

    Let me clear things up. I worked for his free hosting company for a little while. His msn account is geogamer@gmail.com . His paypal is different. It's either him or someone really has a grudge against him. From my experience working with Sabeur, I doubt he had anything to do with it.
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    Scam Hosts

    Not that. I checked. It's about this thread and that the copy of ihost was illegal. Now, apparently Mr. Heap wasn't the one posting this. I know he did give the pass to someone else. But, the poster asks to be contacted through Mr. Heap's msn, geogamer@gmail.com . Sabeur, did you give your msn...
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    Scam Hosts

    I may have something to add but let me just clarify things first to make sure I have my facts straight. User "cyberkit" sold an illegal ihost script to hottweelz. Am I correct?
  10. K

    Scam Hosts

    One last thing. Sabeur, who did you give the password of your msn account to?
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    Very true. I would only recomend Dell to people who don't need a strong computer and won't lose $80 if if decides to freeze. Although, AMD is not a very good option in my opinion. I would never think of going with anything but Intel.
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    Do not purchased on goodydomains.com

    If nobody noticed yet, this guy didn't understand the majority of things posted here. And please, no awkward comments. This is getting a bit rude.
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    I actually would suggest Dell. For a normal user, Dell is very dependable and offers quality. However, I haven't ordered from them in a long time. I is much cheaper and more customizable to assemble your own computer. And I don't recomend HP because they use AMD. I don't recomend Gateway because...
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    Do not purchased on goodydomains.com

    Well, if you were hosted by me and your client uploaded something against my TOS, I would terminate the clients account and maybe suspend yours long enough to tell you to watch out. But, I really think that it's unprofessional and disrespectful to completely alienate a client for that kind of...
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    Over 100 normal sized sites can fit in 15 GB of space.
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    I doubt he will answer that. Anyone see the request for an ad free reseller account with 15 GB of space. Now that kid must be on crack or something.
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    Request free RESELLER!!

    Any host that can give you that would be gone the same day they posted the offer.
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    Free reseller

    If you can: 1. Put my small banner ads on your site 2. Promise me at least 3 months of profit at 70% 3. Offer my scripts to your customers ( paid ) Than I can give you a reseller for 500 MB/5000 MB to 1000 MB/10 GB. Please PM me if you wish to negotiate.
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    This just dawned upon me and I'd thought I'd make note of it. Some, earlier in this thread, complained about companies like godaddy and some here that care about making a profit. They stated that those companies are greedy and that it is better to go with a nonprofit host. Well, who stays up...
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    Dedicated Server

    I'm looking to buy 1 maybe 2 dedicated servers. Please tell me what you can offer for the two plans I am looking for. Be sure to post only offers related to what I'm asking for. Here's what I need: 1 - 1 50-60 GB hard drive, over 100 GB transfer - Operating system - Any processor -...